Sketch Upのトップビュー状態での線の表示

Sketch Up Freeを使用しています。

I am using Sketch Up Free.
In the top view I want to draw a rectangle and draw a diagonal line inside the rectangle.
When I draw the line, it does not appear.
I can not see the line in Top View.
When I look at it in other views, I can see the line.
Why is this?

Share the model file. Sounds like you just aren’t drawing the diagonal edge correctly.

Thanks for the reply.
I share the model file and pictures.
I can’t see diagonal lines in the top view.
But, I could see it a week ago.
Is this a temporary bug?
model.skp (194.3 KB)

Uploading: other view.png…

When I open your file I see two diagonals.

Since you saw the diagonal edges before and they are still in the SketchUp file, I would look at what has changed on your computer since then. Possibly agraphics driver update? What browser are you using?

Do you see the edges if youswitch to Perspective and orbit the camera a little. Keep in mind that SketchUp is really designed such that modeling is done in Perspective. Parallel Projection is intended for output.

Here I’ve moved your shape closer to the axis lines so you can see that the bottom edges is not parallel to the red axis. Maybe that’s on purpose?

There is something wrong with the file Dave, open it in web and basically draw the same thing, then change from parallel to perspective.
Here I have can make it happen. But open a new file and it doesn’t happen.


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I’m using Google Chrome.
Is it a problem with Sketchup itself?

I understand what you mean about Perspective.
I drew the wrong rectangle.
I share the file with the correct rectangles.
model1.skp (187.9 KB)

It’s not clear exactly where the problem lies. As @Box indicates, he can reproduce it in your file but not in a new one. Do you get the same result if you start over drawing in Perspective?

Yes, I see lines in perspective.
But, I can’t see it in parallel.
It’s not just me, my friends are getting the same bug.

@DaveR @Box
OKay, thanks for telling me.

It must be something to do with how the file is being created, a Chrome issue perhaps. As I said, your file does show the issue when I open it in web, but if I start a new file in web I cannot reproduce the issue. I’m working with Firefox.
Are you importing anything into the model space?
Perhaps try a different browser.

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Thanks for telling me.
I’ll try another browser.

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