Lines do not appear in parallel projection view

Hello, I have a problem that repeats itself in all versions since 2020.
In a two-dimensional view (not perspective) many lines do not appear at all.
Would appreciate help. Thanks

Can you please explain it more, with screenshot(s) even better it you share an example of your model (.skp).

BTW. Sketchup is a 3D modeller, there is no such a “two-dimensional view”, however you can set the camera to Parallel Projection. :innocent:

Do you mean lines on a surface? Do they appear and disappear if you zoom in and out?

I meant parallel projection

Drawing “2D shapes” on top of each other or very near each other in 3D space leads to errors in the rendering engine with either shapes that should be occluded showing through or shapes on the same plane being occluded. The safest solution is to model in 3D. Another would be to place the door swings and furniture slightly above the floor. A third to make the furniture to components that cut a hole to the underlying face.

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That’s the fastest and easiest solution, just move it 1cm on the blue axis and you’ll be able to see them on parallel projection, anyways if you send it to layout you should be able to see all the lines even without moving them.