Some things disappear when I view a drawing

This is a 2D drawing. If I just look at something I have done I can see most things…

…but when I zoom in or out just one time on the mouse many things disappear:

And some things might almost never be shown. Not necessarily components, but parts of a line for example:

I assume the drawing is not completely flat, maybe some surfaces are on top of other or ended up a tiny bit above some somehow… Is there a way to let’s say mark the whole drawing and choose to make everything in it completely flat?

(I have had thins problem pretty much ever since I started with SketchUp many years ago.)

Looks like you are viewing 2D things in perspective. Better to use parallel projection for that.

Your problem is not obvious without seeing the file.

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Aha! :slight_smile: Do you know how I can fix it? Make all layers on the same level?

You can download my file on the bottom of my first post.
(It din’t work to load it up right on the forum, even if I tried to make a much smaller version.)

You model is a mess, I believe it contains your entire history of modelling.
It is full of stray hidden geometry, innumerable unused components and tags.
I can’t even think how to go about trying to clean it up.

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I guess I just have to explode all components in this document and delete the weird parts. But then I have to fix all components as they are saved in files om my computer. :disappointed_relieved:

Should I always choose “parallel projection” and "hidden geometry" when I daw in 2D? In 3D as well?

Because I don’t really understand what parallel projection and hidden geometry means.

If this is the case, maybe no one ever told you that you are allowed to start a new file for a new project?

A start.

The visible part of the model is more than a kilometer from the origin.

Move it back to the origin.

Fix the incorrect tag/layer usage.
Screenshot - 9_7_2021 , 8_06_07 AM

And a first Purge unused.
Screenshot - 9_7_2021 , 8_08_58 AM

CleanUp3 is running to attempt to clean up the stray garbage.

After CleanUp3 finished:
Screenshot - 9_7_2021 , 8_15_43 AM

VINTERSOL purged.skp (2.8 MB)

Almost an 87% file size reduction!

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To avoid z-fighting you can place your furniture slightly above the floor surface. Another option is to make the furniture components cutting and to place them directly on the floor face.

How do I move the furniture so little (above or on face)?

It looks like it IS on face. (I understand it’s not,) I just don’t know how to tell them apart from the floor…

Skärmavbild 2021-09-07 kl. 15.19.28
Skärmavbild 2021-09-07 kl. 15.19.36

Why are you using SketchUp for this. You seem to only be making 2D drawings. Why not use an application designed for that?

I make both, first a 2D drawing and then a 3D version. Easier to work on it in 2D I think so I easier can change things in the floor plan.

This thread is pretty much a duplicate of another tread.

Yes, I understand that now.

Actually the amount you move makes no difference. A plan view in Parallel projection would look the same whatever the distance you move. 50…100 mm ought to be enough, though.

So it’s ok to always use parallel projection? Even in 3D?

Do you have a link to a tutorial of how that is done?

What is a tag?

How come some things are missing in your purged dokument? Am I doing something wrong when viewing, or did SketchUp do something wrong? Or did you just show that most of it can be changed? Sorry, just trying to understand.


Look up Z-Fighting on the forum. Basically, you have multiple flat surfaces occupying the same spot in 3D space. Whenever you zoom, SketchUp has to guess which is on top. As said above, model like you are modeling in 3D. If a plant is on top of a table, physically raise the plant above the surface of the table.

Yes I know, but I just don’t know how to make sure I do it right. Or how to fix it afterwards.

Is this Z-Fighting? Is this what I need to do?

That’s the only way to fix the problem? Fix every component one by one.

All you have to do is use the Move tool to move items vertically (up the blue axis) a fraction of an inch.

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You might also paint the floor faces (they are reversed, BTW) with a totally transparent material and use a style with a white background.

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