Where is the topview?

Hey Community. Very nice new browser tool.Many things are well dissolved. But where can i find the views (In german its called “Ansichten”). I need a top view to work fast…
Would be nice if someone could help…


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Menu > Camera > Standard Views > Top ?
As in standard ??

i talk about the browser edition. there is no menu…

I think the standard views have not yet been implemented in my.sketchup. Remember, it’s still in beta.

Ah. hopefully Trimble will integrate it in alpha Version…first impressions of the beta are really good…

I’m guessing the SketchUp folks are hoping they don’t have to go back to an alpha version of my.sketchUp. After the beta version should come the release version.

They’ve already told us there are many features to come so we just need to be patient.

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I really wish they would choose a better name for it, so many people get confused by my.sketchup and my sketchup. Even the forum colours are too similar.


To get the perfect top view, you can draw a small cube, right-click the top surface > Align View. Then using the Scenes tray on the right of your screen, you can save the view for future use.

I haven’t figured out if there’s a way to display the model in parallel projection though. Anyone know how to do that? It would be super helpful with a top view!

I don’t know if it’s a new feature of my.Sketchup (online SketchUp), but it’s available on the toolbar on the right hand side. The logo is a clapperboard (the rectangular object used to sync the video and the sound) near the bottom. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Just trying my.sketchup again after long gap since it was first launched.

Opening screen allows me to draw ok, but when I click on the ‘hamburger’ three line menu bar, I get this error mesage:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Apache/2.2.31 (Amazon) Server at login.sketchup.com Port 80 

Is this just what it says - a temporary problem that will go away if I wait a while?

Or some more permanent error?

Using Chrome on Mac El Capitan.

When I try again in Safari, I get stuck in the tutorial video, with no option to close it, just to start or stop it.

Chrome version had clickable link for Start tour, and a second saying ‘Start modelling’. Safari ONLY has ‘Start tour’ visible.


A few minutes later, instead of error on Chrome, I get login screen, so only temporary problem.

And i now get the full works in Chrome, including parallel projection views. Great.

And in Safari, I can now see very faintly in blue, overlapping the Start Tour text, a link to Start modelling.

It may have been there before, but it is very hard to see - like this, and much smaller on screen than the screenshot here makes it seem:

Needs more vertical separation, and in my opinion a bigger font, for those who don’t want to start with the tour every time.

Look forward to trying more soon.

Thanks, that was just what I was looking for. It’s called the Views panel and has options for Perspective and Parallel Projection.

I’m new to the web based SketchUp Free having last used SketchUp Make 2016. Even the SketchUp help hasn’t fully caught up to the web based version, this page talks about the Panels and is in a section for ‘SketchUp for Web’ but the link about the Views panel ‘Viewing a Mode’ is for SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro which are desktop applications. Certainly not helpful for the beginner I’m going to be helping.

maybe you look this:

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