No line appearing when drawing

Hello SketchUp Community,

I did a search for this topic but wasn’t able to find any results. I’m drawing in Top view, parallel projection in SketchUp and the line doesn’t show when I draw only after I click to end the action.

Same thing with the tape measure tool.

The file didn’t start out that way.

Any advice?

Video attached.

Thank you


A couple of things I would check/try.
Save and restart the model.
Adjust the Opengl settings found at Window/Preferences/Opengl
Check your graphic card driver to see if there is an update.


see: Where to find Hardware Graphics Info for your SketchUp forum profile

Just updated. Thank you

I 2nd the toggling of OpenGL options.

Try toggling Fast Feedback first if it’s allowed on the Mac.

Close and restart SketchUp after making any changes.

Thanks. That didn’t do it. I tried both Fast Feedback and Hardware acceleration.

Do you use a High DPI display ?

I just went to perspective view and switched back to parallel projection and that seemed to work.

You had graphic issues back in Feb that you haven’t told us were resolved, it could be related to that.

That was actually on a different machine. (And actually I still have that problem. I think it had gone away but might’ve come back with an apple software update or something.)

I have the same issue - drawing top view, camera parallel projection ie effectively 2D. Mac 10.11 (just jumped up from 108.5 - same there) - on a Mac Mini. It is the ‘fill/face’ that blocks the view of the line/guide - delete this and you can see, but each time you draw a line of course you create a new fill/face. Fiddling with OpenGL makes no difference. I’m using ‘Hidden line facestyle. White background.’

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This just happened to me - turns out I was drawing on a layer (tag) that was shut off! lol

This suggests that you are changing the active tag, you shouldn’t do that.
Leave untagged active, draw everything there then only assign tags to groups, components, dimensions etc. Never assign a tag to Raw Geometry.