Locked in incorrect view

I am using Sketch Make v.17.3.116 on MacOS Big Sur, v11.4.

My model is as shown below. I do not know how it got into the view shown below. I need to get back to a normal view without X-ray, wireframe, etc.

Bench July 28 1pm.skp (2.8 MB)

You have a guide placed very far from the origin.

Edit>Delete Guides
Zoom Extents (may have to hit it a few times)

Bench July 28 1pm fix.skp (2.8 MB)

You are in X ray mode … disable it from here:

No, they are not in X-ray mode. This is an Open GL problem caused by distant geometry.

Yes you are right

I used the other trick of selecting the parts in the middle, invert selection, delete, a few times.

Here’s the fixed file.

Bench July 28 1pm.skp (2.8 MB)

Yes, I noticed that if I switch the camera from parallel projection to perspective, the drawing becomes quite distant from the camera and zoom extents does not bring it back (even if I switch back to parallel projection).

As per my instructions, you need to delete guides.

endlessfix: hitting zoom extents a few times did the trick. Thanks for the advice and thanks to everyone else as well. What a wonderful resource this is!

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Yeah, when the camera gets sent out to the stratosphere it sometimes takes a few tries to get back to home. :+1:

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