Seeing Objects Through Others


I somehow managed to get my model into a very odd display mode where it looks like I can only see the inside faces of objects and the lines for objects appear through each other even if in the background. I tried changing my style and verified I don;t have back edges or x-ray enabled. Here is a picture of what is happening.

Does anyone have an idea of what could have happened and how to fix it?


Do you have the face style set to X-ray? Otherwise check your graphics drivers.

Did you paint the surfaces with a translucent material?

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I tried repainting my objects with a different material and that didn’t help.

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you have going on and get you sorted.

X-Ray mode is definitely not enabled. Everything was working when I initially created the model but I suppose it could definitely be a problem with the video driver. I have it running on Linux using Crossover Wine so that could be could be causing some unexpected issues.

Most likely. And related to the graphics.

Garden.skp (1.1 MB)

Here is the SKP file.

Try switching the camera back to Perspective where it belongs. Then hit Zoom Extents. Does that help? It fixes it here.

Yep, that fixed it. I had it in Parallel Projection when working from the top view to size everything. I didn’t realize that would cause an issue with the view.

Thank You!

You managed to get the camera a long way from the model in the process.

Is there a way to visualize where the camera is located in space?

No so easily in Parallel Projection anyway. With SU Pro there’s Advanced Camera tools that would place a component where the camera is located. I haven’t looked but there might be a similar extension in the Extension Warehouse. Probably the easiest thing is to remember to model in Perspective instead of Parallel Projection.

FWIW there’s a tool that can show camera parameters that works in Windows. I believe it gives eye position in inches. What I got for the starting point for the camera in your model translates into -225,787,719, -1,139,350,128, 852,765,464. Those are the coordinates in statute miles from the origin.

After switching to Perspective and hitting Zoom Extents, the camera coordinates are 73, -150.6,146.7 in feet from the origin.