Stuck in X-ray view? please help!

Please help me.

I was orbiting around my model and it started to do that cut away thing (don’t know how to explain that but it happens all the time, you can see inside of your objects.) usually i just zoom out, orbit and zoom back in.

This time I lost my model completely, so i did zoom extants and when my model re appeared it is in wire frame or x-ray or some view I cant get out of. and i have checked all the Face Style and Edge Style Options, it should be in normal view

Menu View/Face style/X-ray should be unchecked.

If that doesn’t fix it, try uploading the model here, using the 7th (Upload) icon above where you write your post and someone can have a look at it.

Or drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer into the area where you type your post.

Here is the model, thanks for the help

Overhead Crane.skp (832.1 KB)

Fixed it. I don’t know how or what happened, I changed the camera view to perspective and my model disappeared again

then i click Zoom extants again and now its back no normal.

would still love to hear any thoughts on what might have happened if you have any ideas


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Your profile doesn’t say what year version of SU you are using, or whether Make or Pro. Please complete that section of the profile.

Confirm your approach, open the file on SketchUp Viewer on IPad and got the same kind X-ray view Change camera view to perspective and shade style came back. Don’t know what’s going wrong.

One thing at least is wrong - as opened, the axes are approximately upside down - blue points downwards after Zoom Extents.

But since R-click on the axes shows Reset greyed out, I assume that the view was turned upside down by orbiting, not re-orienting the axes.

And in any case, this shouldn’t cause an X-ray view to be displayed.

Also, almost all faces are reversed - back side out. I did wonder if you had set the back colour accidentally to a transparent material, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I changed the back colour to pink, and Face Style to Monochrome to highlight this:

Anyway, to continue working on this file I suggest you:

  • turn the model right way up (either using orbit, or by successively choosing Camera/Standard views/Top then Camera/Standard views/ISO)
  • correct all reversed faces (use View/Face style/Monochrome and if you can’t see clearly which is which - by default back faces are shaded a blue-gray colour - use the Styles window to edit the back face colour to something shockingly visible like pink or bright green)
  • consider moving the crane into the positive red, green and blue quadrant, and make sure the components are the right way up, as well as the blue axis and the whole model.

I can’t easily tell by looking which way up the components should go.

And like @Charevir, I can’t see WHY these issues should turn the model transparent - looks like a possible rendering bug.

To me, judging from the arrangement of the rollers and beams, it looks that the actual model is the right side up but that the view is upside down.

Yes, I agree after a second look.

It is not in x-ray view as I can toggle it on and off. It toggles between normal x-ray and your special strange x-ray transparent mode.

The camera position is very far from the origin:
(-3797930719284.528809", -3157880079322.657715", -1471714155012.256348")

This may be as a result of doing your modelling upside down according to SketchUp’s axes or a bug. When you switch to perspective mode the camera is still far away, then zoom extents fixes it.

Yes, your model has problems with being upside down and reversed faces, but you should be able to draw anything you want inside out and upside down without graphical glitches.

That is reason enough for the “x-ray” display. I suspected that the model might be far from the origin but didn’t realize that in parallel projection even the camera can be in outer space without being noticed.

@tuckejam, you should mark McGordon’s post as the solution

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