Roof line question?

Hi everyone, I am working on the exterior of a house for a friend. I have never done an exterior of a house before and all they want is just some suggestions and or concepts on just the front porch. I have created the front porch and basically the front of the house. It’s just the porch area I am working on, but I want to also have the roof on the house.

I have attached a pic of the actual house so you can see how it looks and the roof has a 8:12 pitch. I have also attached a screen shot of my render so far in sketch up.

I have been pulling my hair out trying to make the appropriate roof line on each side of the porch area. I am hoping someone can lend a hand? Thanks so much!!


Best to include a copy of your .skp file and a description of exactly what operation is hanging you up for the best advice.


Thanks for taking the time! I have attached the file here, which should make it easier for someone to see what I am after :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your help!

Eva house no garage1 for sketchup forum.skp (13.4 MB)

Here’s one way to work it out. This uses the rotated rectangle tool and leverages inference locking. You can see the lines darken when I press the shift key.

Roof with R-R

This video may be of value Down Arrow Key

There’s a lot of things you could do. I might approach it something like this:

Follow me will make the hips. If you include the garage, it will do the hips and valleys for that too.

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There are many “right” ways to tackle this. Key concepts here are the use of axis locking via the arrow keys, modifier keys, the of moving specific nodes and edges of geometry with the move tool, and toggling Hide Rest of Model while editing groups. (1)


Wow! Thank you so much guys!! I really appreciate all the work you have gone through to help me! This forum is so great!!

I will give this all a try! :slight_smile:

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endlessfix, I got the roof to this point (pic attached) and I follow your great instruction video, but I cant seem to be able to erase the middle portion of the roof so that It dissapears so I can see the top windows

I traced around the front porch roof line but cannot seem to erase that middle portion? ARGH!! :slight_smile:

Not sure what I am doing wrong?

Maybe I missed a step? But, I thouhgt I followed your video to the letter?

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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Looks good. Hard to say why that section won’t select, can you reattach the new model? Could be context problem, is your roof a group or component? Or perhaps the edges you added to isolate that area are not quite in plane with the roof?

Okay thank you!!! I just attached it.

Thanks again for taking the time :slight_smile:
Eva house no garage1 for endless fix.skp (13.4 MB)

The peak of your porch roof does not quite touch the main roof. So the lines you are drawing are inferencing to that and not sitting on the plane of the main roof.

Go to Window>Model Info>Units>and un-check Enable Length Snapping, It commonly causes tiny errors of exactly this nature by accidentally overriding model inferencing with set units. It really advisable to keep it off at all times, best to make a new default template with Length Snapping off so you don’t encounter it again as it’s on by default which is a shame.

I saw endlessfix specify a 33.7° angle using the Protractor to get a 8:12 roof pitch. OK, arctan (8/12)=33.7 but these is a simpler and more precise way to specify a slope with SU.

Do you know that you can also use 8:12 or any value that you want as an angle in any operation where an angle is required ?


Excellent point, I was already being a bit lazy as the real angle is more like 33.69, entering the ratio a better option.

Well, that all makes sense and I redid it all. Changed the pitch to 8:12 ratio and followed all your steps. And I get it to where I want to delete the face to show the windows and it does nothing? Man, I am such a pain in the ■■■■!! :slight_smile:
I attached the file to where I ended it. Can you see what I did wrong? I better stay away from roofs :):slight_smile:

Eva house no garage1 for sketchup forum (1)1for endless fix 2.skp (13.4 MB)

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Ha, no pain, and I don’t do roofs either. Same problem still exists, porch roof does not touch the main roof at the peak. You have to zoom way in to see it. In the attempt to isolate the section of main roof you have made two edges that align to the existing porch roof and so are incorrect, the inference engine will attach to those if they are there, so erase the existing lines, fix the roof and then try again.

Where are you on the Island?

When you get all the ideas sorted have a look at this.

A couple slip ups and not every last detail, but here’s what I was trying to explain. Follow me does a lot of work for making hip roofs. Add the garage footprint and it will figure all that out too.

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Thank you guys!! It worked and I followed endlessfix’s last fix for me and it worked great!

Thank you RTCool, as that looks like another great way of doing this roof as it will keep the interior all open, I might try that to! :slight_smile:

I have to put a metal roof on it but don’t want to spend alot of time, is there a good extension to do this that will save me time? It just has to resemble a metal roof like the picture.

I am searching youtube as we speak. Man, so many ways of doing things!

Thanks again!!


Would this work for your roof texture? Apply stock roofing texture, edit for color.