"Revit Importer for Sketchup. Cannot connect to server. An internet connection is required. Please sign in and retry."

I’m using SketchUp Studio in a firewall environment. Since "www.bing.com " has been applied to the whitelist of the firewall, activation of SketchUp, basic functions, and Extension can be used without any problems.
However, the moment the import function was executed to import the Revit file, it failed with a message such as “Revit Importer for Sketchup. Cannot connect to server. An Internet connection is required. Please sign in and try.”
I want to know which port or IP Address should I add to Whitelist to fix this error. Url such as "*.sketchup.com " including wildcards is difficult to apply all cause our security policies.
So, I want to know the exact ip address or full url and the port number that matches it.
I also wonder how to solve it if it’s not a firewall problem.

I will check into what URL the Revit importer is trying to access.

Meanwhile, you could try setting the URL that SketchUp uses to be something else, in the hope that the Revit importing is using its own default URL.

See this post that I made:

Thank you for your Quick Answer.

I edited and tested PrivatePreference.json as you recommended.
However, Revit Importer still does not work. “Revit Importer for Sketchup. Unable to connect to server. Internet connection required. Please log in and try it.” The same message appears.

And, I have a question about my current situation.

  1. There is no problem activating your subscription and running Sketchup.
  2. Installing the extension using SketchUp’s Extension Warehouse feature fails.
  3. I can download extensions when accessing through a web browser.(But Speed is so slow.)

Additionally, the ping test for Extensions.sketchup.com fails to send/receive packets.

I need help on what to do.
And Thanks to your help again.