Revit Importer for SketchUp Studio Issue

I did a SketchUp Studio Subscription just so I can import Revit files, and when I import I get this error warning attached.

Please help me out ASAP!
Thank You!

This is a user forum so there’s not much we can do beside telling you the basic and obvious things like, have you done what the message is asking you to do? Have you restarted sketchup?

How do I restart SketchUp?

Close and reopen…

Of course I did that!

any chance you’re hiding behind a VPN / server / anything like that ? Anything that would explain why it can’t access the internet ?

(until someone well versed in Revit importer’s bugs comes around, all we can do is eliminate possibilities)

edit : ping to @Jacques who roams the Revit category, he might know.


I have same message. How did you fix yours?