Connection error Unable to connect

Hello everyone,

Today we have the following problem:
Some colleagues get a "connection error all the time. Unable to connect. Please check your internet connection.
Our internet on desk works perfectly.
SketchUp 2024 has also been reinstalled, but without results.
What else can I do to resolve this?



Same problem with 2023

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Same problem with 2022 and 2023.
Nice problem… The whole team is ‘out of business’ for the moment. Hope they find a solution really quick!

same problem, i am using the web version but i have all the office down because of this issue

one of us managed to resolve it like this:
go to and sign in. It will ask you to accept updated Trimble website EULA.
After this, the error goes away.


Sketchup Connection Error - #5 by daniel_pidcock but this might be the issue too

seems like a login server issue to me. I can’t log on 2024 version, but I can’t even logout from 2023 version. Both gives no internet connection error.

Same problem here with 2024 version. I can’t connect to werehouse but my internet works perfectly. Just read another user having the same issue! Please solve this @SketchUpTeam

It is pretty strange that would have an outage, hopefully someone at Microsoft is working on the issue. For now you can edit the URL that is used by SketchUp, change it to any web site that is working for you. See this article:

Same problem here. Have a big assignment and not able to finish :open_mouth: please fix asap

You can edit the file that the article tells you about, and then you’ll be able to sign in again. seems to be fixed. You can leave the preferences file alone now, signing in is working again.

seems to work here too. :slight_smile: back in business

Same problem. Also my LayOut 2024 crashes when i try to open a new file, our any file. I can’t work at all. if anyone knows the answer to this, would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi, this worked for a brief moment and know the problem is back. i’m still loged in but my 3D wharehouse and extensions are giving the same internet error again.

Is loading ok for you in a browser? There still seems to be a lot of reports about problems coming in, even if it is working for most of us.

I did try VPN to your part of the world, and then had problems signing in with Trimble or Google. But loaded ok.

The bing option working for a moment in 2024, and now it’s back again. It won’t work for the 2023, i still get the following crash #905275. I also tried all the other options metioned in the link at post 9, no result.

Regarding the Layout Crash. I found the problem. I copied my templates from 2023 to the 2024 %appdata%, this caused the crash. Even when opening a new file from the 2024 default templates.

Solution: don’t trasfer any templates in the %appdata% yet. First open layout - file- new - choose a template (default one) - go to file - document setup - rendering - Select the ‘‘Output Overide’’ put it on hybrid. safe the file and close layout. After this you can copy paste your templates from 2023 to 2024, and they will work without crashing.

Will this problem be resolved for the Chrome users? as the option doesn’t seem to be a solid solution @SketchUpTeam

it has nothing to do with your browser. you’re using chrome, I’m using firefox, but not related.

When you launch sketchup, it will ping to see if you’re connected to internet.
if bing answers, fine, you’re online. if bing doesn’t then sketchup will think you’re offline.

bing being a search engine, it is ALWAYS online unless some grave IT problem happens. like today.
and because of that, today, all over the world, sketchup believed users had no access to internet.
in another thread, solutions were given to change the website pinged. you could use or or