Connection Error

I recently paid for a Sketchup Pro subscription, installed the desktop version and when trying to open it for the first time, I get a Connection Error saying: “Unable to connect. Please check your internet connection.” I am definitely connected to the internet. It is very frustrating and not getting any support from SketchUp so right now I’m paying for nothing. I would really appreciate some help!

I’m on Mac OS Catalina.

Thank you!


Before you panic, try a few things.

Shut down and restart the computer.
Open your internet browser, go to Trimble Connect, and log in. Does that work?
Open SketchUp 2020 and try logging in under the Subscription tab. Does that work?

A colleague had gone one round of suggestions of things that could have caused this issue, but I knew of something else to try, so I called Tamas. My idea was right. Since 2019.3 we switched to using to test if you’re online. Previously it checked, but that had problems being used in China, hence the switch.

The idea I wanted to try was to see if opened in a browser. Sure enough, both Safari and Chrome showed that the site is insecure. I looked at a lot of reports of that issue, and the cures are somewhat severe. Rather than try that right now I got Tamas going with 2019.1, which predates the switch.

So, could you all think about how to make be seen to be secure, without doing dramatic things such as keychain resets?

You mean in China?

First of all, THANK YOU COLIN! You saved a lot of headache for me!

Also, now I got a solution from a friend of mine and I am able to use 2020. Here is the quick run down:

First I had to delete ALL Profiles on my Mac (System Preferences/Profiles).

There was a Malware issue with my Mac, so he had me download Malwarebytes (free Mac version) and run a cleanup. This got rid of all the suspect files. A bunch of stuff with “Socrates” names that I don’t know anything about. (BTW, if you notice your browsers defaulting to anysearch…, you have the same malware!) After this, I restarted the Mac and both Safari and Chrome connected to fine)

I downloaded 2020 again and this time no issues with sign in.

Hope this helps others and thanks everyone, and a special shoutout to Kirk!

It was showing as not being secure in the Denver area.

Thanks for the update. I think it would be ok if you marked your own answer as being Correct.