Repeated bug splats 2023

@colin, can you help out a bit? With the 2023 version, I experience a bug splat when closing. All have been sent in (too many to keep track of). Is there a commonality, or something on my end I need to be aware of to stop this from happening?

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A few of them are Ruby related, and others involve recent changes in the UI. @trent may be able to get developers to look to see if they spot what is going on. Trent, database=SU23Win&id=715 will get you started.

You don’t seem to have any strange extension, but are using Space Mouse. Their web site isn’t doing too well today, so I can’t download the latest drivers to see if it yet supports SketchUp 2023. I think that manually copying the driver over ought to work, but it might be worth testing without those extensions, and see if crashes still happen.

I was looking around after I posted this and I ran across a post in Custom toolbar extensions problems from @Fredo6 about issues with his LOTT. I disabled it and the bug splats seem to have stopped.

Thanks @colin for the ping.
It appears one possibility looks to be related to having Outliner open when closing. If possible let us know if you do have Outliner open.

We will be investigating further though.


If I remember right, it has been open.

Cool, if you could, you might try a test to see if you still get the crash if you close the dialog.

I do not crash with the Outliner closed.

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I have noticed a lot of bug splats since upgrading to the newest version. Rarely got them before. Something has changed with the new version. rarely use ruby scripts, very annoying.

Have you been sending the reports in with something that identifies they came from you?

Make sure you installed SketchUp correctly. Repair the installation. Close SketchUp, find the installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator and then Repair.

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Also check for a driver update for your graphic card directly from Nvidia, don’t trust windows to tell you it is up to date.

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yes, I have been sending bug splats.
have done the repair installation.

thank you for the suggestions.

I will uninstall and do a complete reinstall and see if that fixes it.


When you send in the bugsplats, can you put in your name and/or email address? I haven’t found any bugsplats from your name or email address.

Just tried 2023 again, but still getting crashes after updating any scene and then changing to a new scene. Guess this issue still isn’t fixed.

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I am still getting 1-2 a week. No rhyme or reason.

do you sent them ? so a dev can check and tell you why ?

yes, I send them in. I usually remember to put my name and email. I have reinstalled several times, and am up to date on updates.

Thanks for sending those in, I found 9 of them.

They are all for SketchUp 2023.0.2. There is a very long list of fixes in 2023.1, it may be worth a try.

For some reason this topic showed as being updated, but I couldn’t see what was new.

Still, it reminded me to come back and mention that the repeated crashes when changing scenes is one of the fixes in the 2023.1.3 update that was released two days ago.

hello Colin, hardwickpostandbeam edited his last post 14h ago which brought the topic up the list and marked it as updated

Can you look at About SketchUp, and reply with exactly what version it shows?

If you get a new crash, can you send in a new bugsplat?