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To start I began to sense a software conflict in my PC.
Yesterday I was using SketchUp saved the model and closed. Later on I opened sketchUp and was presented with all the toolbars on the workspace and my trays were gone. I looked in the extension manager and noticed all extensions were enabled, I had a few that I was not using disabled. I decided to repair the installation. Selected the download and right click run as… Presented with the installer I chose repair.

The installer started then stopped. It was looking for the file C:\Users…\AppData\Local\Temp{64803EC7-566B-4D00-8A83-70878D1523DD}{03CB7BC4-3C9C-452B-BFD7-1C3616BE96BD}\ that did not exist.

I bit the bullet, removed several licenses then using add and remove programs removed the app. Install using right click method. Open SU expecting to add all the extensions and reconfigure the trays etc. WRONG! Instead I was presented with my old configuration. Extensions were loaded, the links to recent models were present etc. It seems as if the “removal” was actually a “repair”.

I "removed SU again. I then went looking to see what was left. I did not remove the license for SU, I did not have to provide the info again.The license file was in its folder as was everything in the app data folders. Install one last time.
Without opening SU I went looking for the C:\Users…\AppData\Local\Temp… file, it was not present.

I am getting the idea the installer for SU is in need of some attention.


I reported this privately some days ago… It’s being investigated…
The remove and reinstall process seems to fix the issue, allowing subsequent repairs to run OK…
Some glitch with earlier installers meant that the installed files in the Temp folder are removed, but left the old path behind, so it fails looking for it during a repair… The Temp files [msi etc] should be relocated into the hidden Windows/Installer system folder, the path saved, and then found by a later repair…

What is your SketchUp version ?
If you have got/used the latest installer [20.0.373] from the SketchUp main site, then it should now be OK.

That is the version I have…the repair process is still broken.

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