SketchUp Install Issues

Hey Guys,

I have been running into some weird SketchUp issues and people say it’s because my install is messed up. I’ve uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled 3 times now and things are still hinky. My toolbars move constantly and I get invalid file path errors regularly.

They said you can repair it but I’m never given an option to repair my install. I’ve run the installation as admin each time and I’m still running into the issues. I’m close to just resetting my whole machine and reinstalling everything from scratch.

When I do reinstall SketchUp on my desktop it brings up all my old preferences and toolbars. so something in the install isn’t getting deleted properly. is there a cache I’m supposed to delete?



You should be able to repair your existing installation without uninstalling.

Log on as your usual user, then right click the SketchUp installer and select “run as administrator” from the list. You will then get the windows permission prompt, choose “ok”. After that a SketchUp window will pop up. Select “repair” from the options. Using this method won’t affect any settings or extensions already present.

It’s quick and often solves many troubles, no promise though.


Thanks. I did eventually find the repair option but it’s still bringing up all my old toolbars and such. I went to reset my workspace and nothing happened, I selected a new template as well and it didn’t change.

I’m manually changing everything and hopefully it’ll stick this time. We’ll see. I have the second seat of this license on my laptop and have never had an issue. But I’ve been running the other seat on this desktop for a considerably longer amount of time.

That won’t have any bearing on toolbar settings, whichever template you choose the toolbars should be the same.