2020.2 Update Installation Error

Trying to install the latest as my sketchup/layout now letting me know of the update upon startup. Downloaded fresh today but when I run, yes I am running as admin and I’ve tried running from different folders, it gives me the attached screenshot error. I am the admin of this PC and have no installation restrictions. I’ve never had this issue beforehand and have made no changes to my system to disallow sketchup installations.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Screenie of error, it does generate a log file and I can upload that in PM to support as necessary.

Irrespective of your normal-user’s ‘admin’ capabilities, there is only one correct way to install on a PC…
Here’s how to repair the installation…
Login to your usual Windows user-account.
Ensure SketchUp is closed.
Find its installer exe file - usually in your Downloads folder…
Select the installer exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair” [obviously, for a brand-new installation it’s “Install”]

When it completes try again…
Any better ?

When installing any complex app on a PC you must do it this way.
Doing it in any other way - e.g. by double-clicking the exe file’s icon to “Run” it is not the same - even if your user-account has admin-powers !
Otherwise unpredictable and weird issues can result - usually involving ‘permissions’…

The installer doesn’t provide a “repair option”.

Use the Windows Add & Remove Programs feature to uninstall SketchUp, then try the installer again.

Meaning - reinstall all 1200 plug-ins and redo all my settings again?

If you are using the same exe installer that you used to install the app in the first place, then running the installer again [exactly as I explained] should offer you the choice to Repair or to Uninstall ?
What do you see ?

An uninstall and then a reinstall shouldn’t destroy your customized Plugins folder entries, but it will mess up your other customized settings…
That’s why I suggested a ‘Repair’…

Please clarify what you have been offered…

It upsets me when I see things like this and the problem I came here to complain about, and it makes me angry at the terrible developer responses from Trimble. Pro user 3 years.

Actually only one employee from Trimble responded, and he gave the best possible answer.
Fre-Make-Pro user 18 years.

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