SketchUp 2023工具条加载后调整好位置,再重新打开后位置不能固定,另外面板每次打开后大小长短都得重新调整一遍,不方便

I assume you are on Windows.
An incorrect installation of SketchUp can result in permissions issues and the toolbar changes might not be remembered,
You can try this fix.
Close SketchUp.
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file - usually in your Downloads folder.
Select its icon and right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator…
When prompted choose Repair.
When it’s finished test if the problem has been resolved.
The Repair will not affect any customization you have already done.
Running a Windows exe installer in any other way - e.g. by double-clicking on it - is not the same as using the method I’ve set out above.
Having admin-powers is not the same thing as running it properly.

我假设你在 Windows 上。
SketchUp 安装不正确会导致权限问题,工具栏更改可能不会被记住,
关闭 SketchUp。
找到 SketchUp 安装程序的 exe 文件 - 通常在您的下载文件夹中。
选择它的图标并右键单击 > 上下文菜单 > 以管理员身份运行…
以任何其他方式运行 Windows exe 安装程序 - 例如 通过双击它 - 与使用我上面列出的方法不同。

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