SketchUp fails to install

trying to install on a brand new computer with all current updates installed.


Where is the file located ? did you try re-downloading it from Download All | SketchUp ?

Did you right-click on it and run as administrator ?

Here’s the correct way to install.
Log in as your normal Windows user account [NOT the separate ‘administrator’ account - but being a user with admin powers IS alright…]
Find the installer’s exe file - probably in your Downloads folder.
You can always try downloading a fresh exe if you suspect it’s been corrupted.
Select the exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”…
Let the install use its preferred default folder locations etc.
When prompted choose “Install” [if it’s already installed, but it is flaky or wrongly set up, then choose “Repair”]
When it’s finished test SketchUp…

Do not choose to ‘Run’ the exe as it is downloading [save it to Downloads before continuing], and do not ‘Run’ it by double-clicking its downloaded icon, nor use the equivalent ‘Run’ in its context-menu - this will cause unpredictable permissions issues later on…
Also do not reset the installed SketchUp.exe file properties to ‘always run as admin’ - it will cause other subtle weirdness…
These alternative ways look similar, BUT they are NOT the same as doing it in the only correct way - as outlined above…

Thanks for responding.
I have installed SketchUp many times over the years and know to follow your cited instructions. In this case this is not working and I can’t find any information on how to fix it.

It’s a brand new machine. I just finished installing the operating system, all current windows updates, all current Dell updates, bios updates, driver updates and have downloaded the current installation package.

I have reinstalled c++ and .NET packages, removed the packages and allowed SketchUp to install them, and after it does I get the same error message.



You may want try to open the SU setup file with a ZIP archiver application, rip off the main SU setup file “SketchUp2018-x64.msi” to a local directory as e.g. the Windows desktop and launch the MSI from there by “right-clicking > Run as Admin” .

If you don’t have a ZIP archiver or don’t wanna download anything you can also rename the setup file from e.g. “SketchUpPro-##.exe” to “” and open with the Windows File Explorer (read only). Don’t run the MSI from there but copy to a local directory before (see above).

No. I doesn’t even start to install. Anywhere.


Hello, it may be a stupid question, but have you checked what version of windows you had ? 32 or 64 bits. You might have downloaded the wrong version for your OS

Yes. I have a 64 bit os and am trying to install 16,17,18,viewer, free. Not one SketchUp product will install. I just installed adobe, norton, 3dconnexion, office, photoshop.


why not try the MSI thing I have explained above?


I’m trying. I guess I don’t quite follow the steps.


You might then want to follow these steps as well

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