"there was an error creating a temporary file that is needed to complete this installation sketchup" on installation


So don’t ask me how since i know nothing about directories and all that jazz but basically i’ve been cleaning up my computer and this sketchup problem has been a real problem for years. there was an error in sketchup but it wouldnt uninstall or reinstall or fix it. so i decided to forcibly remove any trace of it with one of those uninstaller programs (revo i think) including the directories (i had a friend do this although in hindsight he wasnt the best source of help) and while it’s officially gone there’s still the sketchup icon everywhere and it’s still in my local disk C despite it not registered in control panel programs list. so thats one problem i havent gotten rid of.

adding to that, i decided to install sketchup again but it says “there was an error creating a temporary file that is needed to complete this installation sketchup” every time. the message before that is the infamous “there is still another installation in progress” or whatever but i usually get rid of these by terminating the msiexec.exe process in windows task manager (please correct me if this is a damaging procedure). so now im stuck here without sketchup. this has been a real problem since i went to 4 years of design school with this problem and i hate to point fingers but it contributed to my mediocre grades (ha ha).

thanks to whoever is willing to help i look forward to any reply.

– Hamzah

On Windows… run the installer with administrator rights - select the installer’s icon, right-click > context-menu option…
Does that help ?


Thanks for the quick reply. I’m not sure what you mean by “context-menu option”? I tried running through “run as administrator” (with the blue yellow shield icon) though, still the problem persists…

Oh, I use a windows 7, if that helps.

cleaner/wiper/tuning tools often do more harm to the system than helping anything… especially if erasing everything without having an insight what is affected by doing this.

your system obviously is somehow damaged sothat, besides running a Windows repair installation, setting up a fresh Windows installation might be the only solution to fix… before doing this ensure that every Windows update including the recent MS Internet Explorer is installed to the system.

btw, right-clicking an entity does show the ‘context menu’ of the operating system providing functionality applicable in the context of the respective entity properties.


I thought it’d come to this to be honest. Just thought there might be some last ditch options. Anyways, thanks for your input!

as a last resort resp. if nobody provides a better problem solution only: Windows 7: Repair Install

do a backup e.g. as a disk image before !