Windows 10 error message suggested reinstall for Make 2015

hi, hope this the correct place to start, windows 10 error message suggested reinstall for make 15, several attempts have failed with install wizard, is looking for a drive G. dont have drive G.
can you tell me if this sounds like a microsoft or sketchup issue.
Reno Slave

Windows 10 is not yet a supported OS for SketchUp. (So there are bound to be some issues.)

See also: Early Adopters (of New OS Versions) Be Cautious

You must install SketchUp “as Administrator”. Save the installation executable to your local drive, point to it with the mouse, then right-click and choose “Run as administrator”.

thanks for the tip. i wil try this morning if time permits.

have managed to resolve the drive issue and have had to uninstall two apple apps to allow the installation wizard to do its job. Was able to also confirm the correct location for the installation,
I am currently using the program and all things look good.

many thanks for all assistance.

kind regards
Reno Slave

can you add more detail, this might help others…


The original problem said sketch up make 15 could not run because of
missing or corrupt files, windows10. And suggested to reinstalled the
program! The new download went smoothly until it came to the installation.
First it was looking for a disconnected external drive! Solved that by
connecting the drive. Now this was not the drive the program is saved to.
All programs goto C/. The next issue was 3 apple apps. Apple mobile device
service was said to be running, but was not installed correctly. Second I
tune helper was the same. I didn’t write the third down but safe to say
uninstalling the iTunes app solved the last problem!
So far I have updated the latest apple software and sketchup make 15 looks
like opens an old file. Has let me modify save and print!
Hope this helps!

My guess is windows10 , or maybe apple, is the culprit. So would be keen to
know if I can get to the bottom of my original problem!!

Reno Slave