Big problem

Hi All,
I am new to the latest version of SketchUp. Last time I had it was the 2017.
The big problem that I have is that while installing the new version, all sort of folders got into my desktop. For me the easiest thing was to put them all together in a separate folder called SketchUp.
After that, I tried to open it and it did not work.
I tried to download again and same thing happened. However, this time I left all the folders in my desktop. Once I knew it was working I try to put all the folders into another folder called SketchUp2.
I could not do a few files because I was running the program.
I decided to uninstall the program and start all over again.
I did that… and after the uninstall finished, ALL of my folders, with files, documents, excel sheets, pics, programs, ALL of my desktop disappeared. ALL of it… no where to be seen.
I tried to “time machine” or “restore” my computer to a previous time 2 times and it did not work.
took it to the IT store near me and they just told me they could not do anything…

Has anyone had a problem like this? Has anyone heard of a problem like this?
Does anyone know how to fix it?
Can SketchUp do something?

I mean, I had the free version as a trial. But this is a HUGE problem for me as I had a lot of very important things there.

Can anybody help?

Thank you!

Did you accidentally put everything from your desktop into the SketchUp folder and then reinstall, writing over it? To my knowledge, no SketchUp installer would delete anything from your computer that it didn’t install itself.

In the future, try to file your documents into folders on your computer in an organized fashion, and not on the desktop. I highly recommend the Documents folder.

Also, when you install SketchUp, what steps exactly do you take?

What version of SketchUp did you download and install? What operating system are you running? Did you subscribe to SketchUp Pro? You might want to update your profile here so people can better help.

In the first screen of the installer is the destination directory for the install. Make sure it is like this:

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to my knowledge, I did not put put all of my desktop on a SketchUp folder. Just the random folders that appeared from SketchUp.
Yes, I admit I had all of my files on my desktop but they were organized. Folders with names and subfolders with documents and such. My mistake I guess was that ALL was on the desktop for easy access.
I tried the 2021 Trimble SketchUp.
The steps were the usual, download from the internet and then open the file… the only thing I did differently was (I guess) to put it on my desktop… (thinking I will have faster access… but not knowing it will put all the different files there… I just thought it will put a single folder call SketchUp and that is it.
My systems is just a PC… from 2020 if that what you are asking… no subscription to Pro… just the free trial.
Thank you.

Hello Colin,
This is where I think I changed the destination to desktop and all of the above happened.

Why would you ever install a program to your desktop??
Almost every program places (or gives you the option to do so) a shortcut on your desktop which gives you instant access to the program. The default destination for installing programs is where you should install it unless you’ve got a very good reason to place it somewhere else…

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Thanks. I know.

My guess is that you want a folder on your desktop where SketchUp places all your drawings, Am I right?

I think he just wanted to install SketchUp correctly, and figure out how all of the items that he had on the desktop are now gone as a result of installing it incorrectly a couple of times.

I know, what I meant is that was his initial reason to install SketchUp to the desktop…

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve noticed that a vast majority Windows users place nearly all files, folders and apps on their desktop. What’s most mind boggling about this is that a vast majority of Windows users don’t actually know how to open a new window and navigate explorer at all. I actually don’t blame them, because Windows does not work hard at all to help people use windows correctly (opening, closing, navigating), and leaves them with almost no easy way to open a window in the first place.

Offcourse that can easely be done after correctly installing SketchUp by changing the default drawings folder in preferences…

I just had this same thing happen to me. I changed the application destination to the desktop because I thought it would make a folder and the sketchup app come up on the desktop and when I tried to uninstall for some reason it deleted most of my desktop and other documents. Some are not backed-up and I restored everything from my recycling bin but there is still a lot missing.

Aortiz, were you able to get your files back?

I’m so sorry if this is coming off condescending, but, where on earth did you get the idea that installing applications onto your desktop was okay? That has never been a thing.

Honestly, no clue why I did it I installed my other applications normally. I was in class and installing it at the same time so my attention was divided but I did not imagine this happening at all. Do you know how to fix this issue at all?

My first instinct would be to look at what you’d do in the event that you want to recover anything that was deleted. Go look up your backups (you should have them at this point).

The other fix is to not do that again. But that isn’t helpful.

Hello to all. I have the same problem, can anyone help me here. I was accidentally installed SketchupPro Trimble 2021 on my desktop, so I have decided to uninstall it and install it again on the regular path, but as soon as I removed it from the control panel, all of my documents (pictures, files, music, etc.) has disappeared.
Did anyone manage to fix this issue?
Thanks a lot!

What issue? I’m sorry, but this scenario is similar to dumping a bucket of water on your computer when you installed Sketchup and wondering what you could do to reverse it. Installing to the desktop is simply negligent. What I’m guessing is happening is the control panel is flagging your other files as “associated files” and removing them with the program.

This has been reported before, and so I tested it. The uninstaller only removed files and folders that it had installed.

If you view the desktop as a list of files in File Explorer, do you see more things then? My hope is that the icon view has pushed some items out of view.

It’s unusual to have a photos and music on the desktop. If you look in your Documents folder, do you see any of them there?

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Not sure if anyone has suggested it, but you should also check the recycle bin.