Sketchup Pro 2021 has deleted all files from my PC

Hello to all. I have a HUGE problem here.
I have installed Trimble SketchUP Pro 2021 on my desktop, I did not choose the right path and accidentally clicked on continue with the installation on my desktop. So it has created a bunch of icons on it, it was a real mess. So, I went into Control Panel and uninstalled it, and it has actually DELETED all of my files (pictures, documents, music, etc.).
I restarted my PC with the hope that this was just some Windows bug, but no. Everything is gone.
Can anyone here help, any suggestions on what should I do?

Thanks a lot!

When you say the installation created a bunch of icons on your desktop I assume your installation path was the desktop so all of the SU files showed up on your desktop instead of in an installation folder.

The Windows installer calls the SU installation package when you do an uninstall. This uninstall uses information stored during the install to determine where the SU files were installed and how to remove them. It’s highly unlikely the SU uninstall via the Windows Installer would remove files unrelated to the SU installation unless something else also happened.

The files that are missing from your desktop, where they shortcuts to folders or did you have actual files and folders stored on your desktop?

Are you logged in to your PC with the same user that did the installation/uninstallation. Are there any icons on your desktop at all?

What transpired after the initial installation where all of the SU files were created on your desktop? Did you try any other actions to fix this before running the uninstall?

If you view the desktop as a list of files in File Explorer, do you see your files then?

Best practice with any software upgrade or installation is always do a backup prior in case something catastrophic happens you can always go back to a known good point in time.


Also this thread seems similar Big problem - #20 by RickD. @colin tested the SU uninstall in this scenario and it didn’t remove any non SU files.

Hello Greg, and thank you for your reply.

I went to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and uninstalled Sketchup. Nothing else.

Yes, my installation path was the desktop, so all the files associated with the Sketchup went on the actual desktop and it made a mess.

No shortcuts, maybe a few of them, all of the other files were actually stored on my desktop.

I have only one account. The only icons on my Desktop that did not disappear are a few shortcuts like Rhino app, Autodesk, 3D MAX, Adobe Reader. And like 60 other folders are gone (stored on the desktop).

Nothing happened, all files showed up on my desktop. And I have not tried anything else, didn’t expect that uninstalling a program could cause such a thing.

No, I don’t. Just the shortcuts that I have mentioned in the previous question.

Yes sir, will do it next time.

Also, thanks a lot for all of your help here, I really appreciate it.

Follow up question, once SU was installed to the desktop did you notice if you could see the other files that were there previously before running the uninatall? I’m wondering if it had something to do with a ton of files getting dumped to your desktop and pushing the existing files somewhere else so you can’t see them… This is a long shot based on you not seeing anything in File Explorer under the Desktop folder.

Also, what version of Windows are you running and is it on a laptop or stand alone PC?

Yes, all of my files were visible. But my File explorer is unfortunately empty now.
I am running Windows 10, Dell Laptop.

Ok thanks, while I do some searching on that is there a unique file name that you can do a search for on your hard drive and see if it shows up anywhere? Is there anything in your Recycle bin?

Yes sir, I did that, searched my drive for a specific files and nothing showed up. Also, everything that was placed in my Recycle been is still there, nothing disappeared from that folder.
One more hint, Document folder saved just few random files, and Downloads folder has just few random files.
Thank you Greg, I really appreciate what you doing here.

So in your Documents and Downloads folder does it look like you are missing things as well?

I did find this article from Microsoft about disappearing files in Windows 10: Files disappeared from desktop - Microsoft Community. Some of the solutions listed probably don’t apply but Solutions 5,6,7,8 might be worth trying.

If your indexes are messed up as addressed in Solution 6 a file search may not find the files. After trying this solution I would try a search again to see if you find anything. File searches use these indexes to quickly and accurately find file locations on your hard drive.

In Solution 8, the files could be in any of the folders under C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\

I hope one of these works and you can find the lost files…

Are you still signed in as the same user?

Yes I am. I am working on these options above to check it. I will let you guys know soon.
Thanks again!

Yes, I am. Just a few random documents available.

I just finished all of it and it did not help.

It did not work.

I went through each folder and checked it, but I did not find anything.

Also, I have 3 users in total. My main User (admin) is showing 40 GB of files in properties (so probably all of my missing files). I have Default and Publlic users as well.
They are not hidden.

I don’t know what else to try, but at least files are probably not deleted, just hidden somewhere where I can’t find them.

It may be obvious, but did you try to check to show hidden files in File Explorer?

One of the first things that I have tried, but thank you.

I’m about out of ideas. Probably the next place I would look would be the Windows Event Logs to see if there are any errors related to Windows or hardware. This article tells how to access the logs: How to use Event Viewer on Windows 10 | Windows Central You would want to look for Error events in each of the logs, specifically in the time frame after noticing the missing files…

Looks like you may have a hardware issue, possibly with the “C” drive.

Yes, this is where my head is going, potentially a hard disk in the process of failing. @Ogie31 if I were you I would back up your remaining files immediately in case this is what’s going on.

Thanks Greg, but that was literally the first thing that I did once my files were gone, and I couldn’t find anything connected to it.

Let me make sure I’m getting this right. You told me that you accidentally told SU to install on your desktop, and yet you’re savvy enough to know to check the Windows Event Logs the moment your files disappeared?


That is correct. Are you fine with that?