Remove authorization code SU 2018 PRO


I have a problem with my previous laptop because it suddenly stop working. So, I decided to buy a new laptop.

I tried to install SU 2018 to my new laptop but failed to add a license. The information I’ve got was, I have to remove any past authorisation code from previous laptop before trying to transfer it to a new laptop

Fyi, I still have SU 2018 PRO installation file with its serial number and authorization code.

Can someone help me because I don’t know how to remove past authorization code and also my previous laptop was dead.


@colin Can you assist?

It looks like you only ever added the license to the old computer, which leaves you with a spare activation that you can use on the new computer. The license should work, if it is SketchUp 2018 that you are running.

Can you show a screenshot of the error that you are seeing?

Hi Colin,

Thank you for your reply.

Just to clarify, the information I mentioned before, based on my conversation with the retailer where I purchased this software.

The error messages that appeared after the Installation process finished, shown as figures 1 and 2.


See this topic to fix the offline issue:

Hi Colin,

It works. Thank you.