Downloading 2016 pro

I have 2016 pro on my main computer but while trying to down load a copy to laptop and add the License info.It ask for a
AUTHORIZATION CODE how do I find this CODE ? Help , Tom

Where are you downloading SketchUp from?

If you are getting it from, you shouldn’t need any sort of code until you’ve got it installed. Then you’ll need the license info that was sent to you by e-mail after you purchased it.

assuming you have managed to install SU on the laptop and are using the ‘Add Licence’ panel you see at startup…

these authorisation code is the same one that was emailed to you when you last paid for SU…

find the email and copy/paste the details after clicking the ‘Advanced’ link on the page…


DaveR or anyone ,
Sketchup sent me info on, Licensed to,for and type and a serial number as well as a TIN# and a Netherlands VAT #
is one of these the AUTHORIZATION CODE? Tom

Did you buy from a local reseller?

No I downloaded from the Sketchup web site

Where is it asking for the code? During the download or after you’ve installed and started SketchUp?

After I have installed it and starting to use it . It says I have a 30 day free use but trying
to add my licence info it ask for the Authorization code ?

You should be able to copy the info you got from them when you authorized it on your other machine and paste it into the window. Perhaps you should look at the Help Center article.

Note too that for authorization to work, you must start SketchUp by right-clicking on its icon and selecting “Run as administrator” from the context menu, even if you have logged in to your computer with an account with administrative privileges.


Thanks for this post because I did not realize that the license included use on 2 computers. On my personal computer, I have been primarily using 2016 but switching to 2015 to use solid tools because I had the 2016 license on my work computer.