Reinstalled the desktop app after constant force-quitting that would not cease. Now it says I've exceeded my allowed activations

I have now followed the steps to deauthorize on all devices to try and bypass this. it is still giving me the same error message that we have exceeded our allowed activations. I’m stuck!

in the message, there is a link that points you to your sketchup account.

there, looking at your products, you will find sketchup pro (among others)
you can deauthorise all machines there.
Then, all you need is to log off, and log on again.

As of the “force quitting” thing, you mean crash ?
I’ll assume your profile is accurate, are you using the lastest macos sonoma 14.3 ?
do the crash - by any chance - all happen when you’re using the material tool ?

thank you for your reply! ok so I was able to get back in after deauthorizing and logging out. yes, the crashing issue is definitely related to the colors palette, and my operating system is the Sonoma 14.3. sounds like this is a recurring issue for others too? your help is so appreciated

Yes, this is a well-know issue that happened because Apple changed something in Sonoma that broke the way that the SketchUp Materials window is layered atop the macOS color chooser. You can search the forum and find dozens of topics about this same issue, as well as some workarounds and prospects for the future.

or, you know, click on the link I provided in mly first answer, since the 12+ other threads will lead there :stuck_out_tongue:

classic situation.
Your subscription allows you to activate 2 sketchup at once. it can be one on 2 machines, or 2 years on the same machine.
since you uninstalled without login-off, the server still sees you connected to your previous install.
deauthorizing usually does the trick.