Unable to upgrade to 2024 SketchupUp Pro desktop

I’m on a Mac Studio M2 chip, just upgraded to 2024 SketchUp Pro and keep getting “You have exceeded your allowed activations” message. I’ve gone ahead and managed activations, managed devices and confirmed reauthorization multiple times. I’ve also re-installed 2024 and still keep getting this message. Any suggestions?

the search tool on the forum.

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there, type “You have exceeded your allowed activations”

read one of the threads, it contains the solution :slight_smile:

like this one

or that one

or that one with a video !

I had the same issue. Just had to delete SketchUp 2023 from my Applications folder in Finder. (sign out of SketchUp and Trimble first) Was able to successfully launch 2024 then.

Thanks for the suggestion tripmorris. Tried this, still doesn’t work. :roll_eyes:

Uh, yeah, thanks for at least responding ateliernab. Tried all of these and still not working.

yet the very solution to the “you’ve exceeded your allowed activations” is dealt with in this video

or here.

once you’ve done this, you need to log off sketchup and log in again.

it’s a very common issue coming from the fact that you can only be connected on 2 sessions of sketchup at once, and installing sketchup 2024 count as a third one.

I have the same Issue as Eshquagama. I done everything required but 2024 will not allow me to sign in.

  1. I Sign out of 2023 and 2024.
  2. I Deauthorize Devices.
  3. I start SU 2024
  4. it asks me to sign in which I do
    5)Then the welcome screen says Im off line (which I am not)
  5. Then the welcome screen says You have exceeded your allowed activations.
    If I do this with SU 2023 it works fine. But SU 2024 does not.

I’m locked out. I’ve removed SU23 and 24 and emptied the trash.
Previously, I had received two emails. “your license has been revoked.” And “sorry this is happening contact your administrator.” After multiple tries following SU directions a Forum advice, it would seem that the revocation was not nullified by any of my deauthorizations, moving software to trash, or emptying the trash. I suppose I am resigned to seeing what’s up on Monday. Five days since I started to switch to SU Pro 24.

Suggestion to the SketchUp administrators: If the revocation remains in place after deauthorization, deauthorization is a true non-starter. Perhaps a second step to deauthorization could be a link, “Request restoration of your license.” I would think your system could answer in the affirmative. If, for some reason, it finds a reason to deny restoration, it could say when can administrator would be available.

Thank you, Eshquagama.

Sam Harrison

Deauthorizing isn’t the same as revoking. If a subscription is revoked, no amount of signing in or out will make SketchUp be licensed to you. If you have deauthorized all devices, going back to any of your devices, in any version of SketchUp, signing out and in again will re-authorize that copy of SketchUp. I don’t know why you got emails about it being revoked, at the moment the subscription does look like it is assigned to you ok.

Your Yahoo email is the admin for two different accounts. One is your first and last name, the other is your full name and Architect AIA-E. That is the account that has the Pro subscription, and where you would need to do the deauthorize all devices action.

There is a difference between Windows and Mac when it comes to removing a SketchUp version. On Mac deleting old versions does not sign you out from that version. On Windows you use an uninstaller, and it does make sure you were signed out. If the deauthorize all devices continues not to work for you, you could reinstall 2023 and sign out from that version. That would free up the authorization that it had taken the last time you had signed in.

Your situation is a little different. You seem to have two Pro subscriptions, one of which is assigned to the email you use in the forum, and the other one is not assigned to anyone. How many Pro subscriptions do you mean to have?

For the message about being offline, is bing.com blocked on your network? That’s what SketchUp uses to check if you have an Internet connection. If bing.com works in a browser, then I’m not sure why SketchUp thinks you don’t have Internet. Are you able to try a different network, even your phone as a hotspot would do?

I’m having the same problem and have also done all suggested fixes below. I’m running on MacOS Bug Sur. All versions of SU have been removed from my computer except 2024, I’ve de-authorized all devices from being signed in for SU, Layout etc. Still looking for a solution!

There is a session file that may need to be reset. Open SketchUp 2024, sign out from the Help menu, close SketchUp, then delete that file.

To get to the file to delete, choose Go to Folder… in Finder, and paste in this path:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2024/

Drag the file login_session.dat to Trash, and reopen SketchUp. Try signing in again.

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Rory from SketchUp got back to me with these instructions. Worked for me!

Hello Dan,

Thanks for reaching out to SketchUp Support! Please sign out and completely quit all instances of SketchUp before resetting your activations, or the reset may fail.

You can reset all activations for SketchUp in your Account Management Portal here: Trimble | Account Management

For detailed instructions, please see this article in our Help Center: https://help.sketchup.com/en/admin/deauthorizing-devices

If the above fails to resolve the message you are seeing, please see the steps below to manually force the login file to reset.

Please try the following steps exactly as described, this should get you up and running:

  1. Close all instances of SketchUp and LayOut by right clicking on their icons in the dock, and clicking “Quit”. Failure to complete this step will prevent these steps from working

  2. Go to your desktop, you should see “Finder” and “Go” in the top left menu bar

  3. Click on “Go” Then hold the Option key and “Library” should appear in the list. Click “Library”

  4. Navigate to Application Support > SketchUp 2024

  5. Locate and delete the “login_session.dat” file

  6. Restart SketchUp and log back in

I deleted the “login_session.dat” file. and SU 2024 continues to give me the “exceeded activations” message. I did it a second time making sure I was deauthorized and signed out of everything. Same results. Any other recommendations.
Is it a problem that I am also using SU Studio on another machine and it is running SU 2023?
Meaning that I pay for two Annual Plans. Sketchup Pro, Annual Plan and Sketchup Studio 02, Annual Plan.

Regarding bing.com, there are a handful of png files but nothing else. I don’t use bing. Do I need to have it on my Macs as a just-in-case element to use SketchUp?

I am back in and on SU24. Perhaps my revocation was removed.

I will contact my administrator on how to make my two accounts more distinct.

Thank you Colin! Sam Harrison

The problem is fixed. I had to also sign out of the “SU Studio 02” on a different machine to cure the problem. All working now.

Check you haven’t got multiple subscriptions. I’ve seen those who are part of Beta and Alpha SketchUp tests have issues.

Also, be sure you are actually signed in with the same account in SketchUp and in the web browser.

Quote from “Installing SketchUp.” “You don’t need to delete previous versions of SketchUp before installing or updating.”

You may be getting mixed up with Edge. You don’t need Microsoft’s browser, you only need to not block their search engine web site. SketchUp doesn’t go to bing.com, it only tests it to see if the Internet is working.

This article shows how you can change the SketchUp preferences so that a different URL is used for the test:


Look for the part that starts: “Alternatively, if you would like to change the URL that SketchUp uses to test connectivity”

Hi, Colin,

I was blocked again, but only on the desktop. Laptop is good.

As for the SketchUp preferences, it was open when I started to look for “OnlineTestURL”: “”, but it disappeared before I could nail it. At the moment, I have no SketchUp software on this desktop, so I’m not even clear as to why SketchUp Preferences was showing under the Apple.

Is there a way to install “Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2024/SketchUp/” without SketchUp being in the computer? (When I do get there, this instruction is placed between the empty quotes above, no?)

If the problem is that I am still logged in to SketchUp23 I face a different dilemma: In that I can’t download a copy, there is no way for me to open 2023 to log out.

Note: Regarding the “revocation” email, it posted at about 1:34 a.m. and was followed by a “we’re sorry this is happening” email one minute later. I infer that both were machine-generated.

Thank you for your attention to my issues, Colin.


Sam Harrison
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