You have Exceeded Your Allowed Activations Sketch Up Pro 2024

SketchUp is today giving me the “You have Exceeded Your Allowed Activations” message. I have followed all the steps to ‘Deauthorize all devices’ in the 'Manage Devices section for all applications. I’ve logged out and logged back in. I’ve restarted the computer. I have been round and round and STILL get the same message. I have SketchUp Pro and Free SketchUp listed in my Products, but can not deselect Free SketchUp if that is the issue… but it sounds like it isn’t. Can someone please help?

This needs to be done in the App itself, after you managed your devices.

Thank you.

This happens to me way too often as well. Using SU for my one-man-business on my desktop and laptop. Using SU 24 and SU 22 for some older projects at the same time. I think this is why I exceed the number of allowed activations sometimes. Anyway - its annoying to have to de-authorize AND logout just to get this working again.

Same with the regular checks to have to login again and enter my password and the sms-security code.

I understand this is for security reasons and a way to prevent piracy but, for the user experience its annoying. There must be a better way to this?! Log the ip address / mac address / mobo serial number etc ??

Why is this happening? I have 2023 installed, opened the product, and it stated a newer version 2024 is available, so I installed it, and now I get this error “You have Exceeded your Allowed Activations”. Do I need to uninstall the 2023, and then everything will work. Frustrating?

No. Better to keep until you sure the new version is working for you. You just need to sign out of it.

You can read here an official advises how to handle such a problems as yours.

(You may need to take special attention on the left menus too, e.g: Deauthorizing Devices )

So, I deactivated all devices, and then attempted to open 2024 again, and same message. I can run 2023, but not 2024. I have 2022 also, installed is that maybe the issue?

Uninstalling any version does not help. The authentication process is buggy and unreliable. I see several report about it every week.
You may need to do sign out and deauthorize several times… or contact to customer support.

Yeah, reached out to customer support, working through their long list of items to try. Crazy.

Best thing to ‘try’ is logging out in the app itself, via the person icon on the top right in the welcome splash.

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This appears to have worked, except now the app is running on screen 2, and when I move the app to screen 1, and I attempt to use File, Edit, View, etc, the drop downs menus are still on screen 2. Crazy this product is.

This is a know issue - that was a reason I advised to keep the your SU 2023.
You can use SU 2023, or you can use only one display. You can also claim, to customer service.

SU 2024 can not handle some screen configuration properly.
For me, for example, absolutely unusable. I have a dual screen laptop and even the context menu appears on the other screen. No solution for many months. :angry:

See eg. this topic:

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Well then, that is a problem. I guess I will just use 2023 for now, until I see something for the screen display on multiple monitors. What a mess.

So, if you have this issue of “Exceeded Your Allowed Activations - SU Pro 2024” and are also using SU2022 on your machine, like me. Try the following:

  1. As recommended
  • Sign out of SU using the little person in the upper right corner. Click on the manage subscriptions and deactivative.
  • Try logging into SU 24.
  1. If it fails to start up and gives you the same issue, which I believe it will.
  • Open up SU2022
  • On the startup screen, click the person in the upper right corner and log out.
  1. Start up SU 2024 - it should start up fine.

It appears SU 2022 might have a sticky seat that does not allow it to be deactivated from the website.

Let me know if this helps.