Manage Activations disaster

I installed the latest version, and have the Sketchup Pro subscription of $300+ per year, which had been seamless until now. But this time when I got the “You have exceeded your allowed activations” error on launch, I’ve followed the instructions explicitly dozens of times with no results. As a result, I’m completely shut down and cannot work. Has anyone else seen this problem in 2024? And is there a know fix for this disaster? Thanks so much in advance!

Take a look here:

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“You have exceeded your allowed activations”

If you have done the steps correctly, including sign out and sign in within SketchUp 2024 (after deauthorizing all devices), and still you’re being told there are too many activations, the sign in you did for 2023 is hopefully still working. If it is you can use 2023 until you get help from Support.