Sketchup 2024

I received a notification saying I can update Sketchup from 2023 to 2024 version. I downloaded the new Sketchup 2024. When i go to open it, it says “You have exceeded your allowed activations. To continue, please sign out of another instance of Sketchup, or use the link below to sign out of all versions you have authorized in the past. Then click the profile icon above to sign out and try again.”

So in doing all that, I’m still not able to open Sketchup 2024. Am I not allowed to download Sketchup 2024 after purchasing a Pro Subscription? I haven’t made any updates since purchasing the subscription and acquiring Sketchup 2023.

Can anyone help?

or that one

or the video

I followed this video, and opened up sketchup 2024 again and the same message popped up not allowing me to open sketchup 2024

You need to sign out, and then sign in again.