After upgrade to 23.1.340 Cannot open multiple Instances on same machine

I often copy between files. I used to be able to open multiple instances of Sketchup by double-clicking on the file I want straight from its folder. After upgrading, that doesn’t work at all. I get an Activation error that it thinks I’ve exceeded my licenses (I have two machines with Sketchup, have only upgraded one so far).

Luckily, I found a workaround - which is to go to the desktop and open Sketchup ver 2023 and then open the file wanted.

Please fix or advise on what I need to do differently. This is a major part of my workflow :frowning:

Thank you.

I’m confused.

your profile says Sketchup 2022
the title says sketchup 23.1.340
and your fix is to open sketchup 23 (I thought 23 had the issue ?)

which one is the problematic one ? :sweat_smile:

A basic subscription allows you to connect on 2 sketchup at the same time.
it can be 2 sketchup on 2 machines (one on each). or 2 sketchup on the same machine.
Right now I have 24 on my mac and 24 on my PC. if I decide to open 23 on my mac, it’ll count as a 3rd activation.

The reason you get this message is because you’re trying to connect on a third sketchup, the updated one. The server still sees the unupgraded one (it’s likely due to the fact that we only have to connect every 28 days, the server doesn’t know you’re not using the old one yet)
So either reopen the old sketchup you don’t need, and log off.

Or follow these steps to deactivate everything. you’ll still need to log off and on again after that.

Yikes. Forgive the confusion. After reading your response I checked, and the button I’m using loads 2023, but I have 2024 installed. I am now confused on what I upgraded, but it might have been the 2023. Who knows.

My apologies. This is what happens when you don’t use a machine for a while.

I will try the whole deactivate, reactivate thing and stick to one version. Will provide an update when I do.

Thank you for your time. My bad.

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