Push/Pull On Angle (*Solved by Search)

How to push pull the insulation component up along the roof rafter angle. I manually created the first one, but would like to simply push pull the others. Thanks for your help.

Push pull works only perpendicular to a face. You could rotate the insulation to match the rafter angle and then push pull an end. If you want the ends vertical, you will need to trim them after.

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If the insulation dimensions are the same between each rafter, make the first one a component and then copy array them across. This can be done with the insulation between the studs as well.
The studs and rafter wood pieces should be components as well and could have been copy arrayed across. By using components, this will allow you to also find quantities.

I hope this helps

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Or copy and then adjust the width as needed. (Is this how you do insulation, running it past over the wall? Don’t you want blocking between the rafters at the wall?)

First, your rafter ends are not angled (see original image). Second, the spacing between rafters is not the same, right and left end rafters are spaced differently. Your example, as you point out, would be easy to fabricate. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are absolutely correct, blocking is required, and will be added after I get past this problem. Per code, blocking is used to distribute lateral loading. And the tops of the blocking members will require angled surfaces, providing more nailing surfaces for the sheathing.

I think the insulation problem is solved by MOVE/ DUPLICATE, once you’ve drawn one right. If the spacing is different. scale the insulation component after the move, or MAKE UNIQUE and EDIT the component and use PUSHPULL or MOVE to bring the side face to the right position.

I would tend to do all. blocking, vent, and insulation in one duplication function. You are bound to have some repetition in the rafter spacing at some point and then you’re home free with multiple MOVE/ DUPLICATE ( x <# of copies>).

You can also use a pull laterally. Click in sequence on the Scenes tabs off this SU file for ideas.

Insulation between rafters.skp (118.2 KB)

Thanks to @Box. Really does pay to do an extensive search. Found this at:

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