(Actually) raising an existing roof

Pictured is a roof I have raised by 200mm using push/pull. I am trying to get the eaves of the roof to meet the eaves box you can see pointing out:

Is there a way of moving the current edges of the roof, at the same angle, to meet the eaves box?

If I use the move tool I can’t get it to lock at the current angle.

Is using the push/pull tool the wrong way to do this?

Since you haven’t supplied a SKP we have to guess.
Draw some guide lines.
One down the roof slope will intersect the fascia ?
Preselect the bottom edge if the roof slope and use Move to re-snap it to the guide/fascia intersection.
If there are unwanted edges afterwards erase them.

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Use the sloping edge to constrain the Move direction, like this:

Select the edge you want to move

Start the Move tool.

Hover the mouse pointer over the sloping edge of the roof (without clicking), until you get an On Edge inference showing. Press AND HOLD the Shift key, to lock the Move direction. Keep the shift key held down until you have finished the move.

Move the mouse pointer to the corner you want to move. When the Endpoint inference is showing, click to pick it.

Then move in the (constrained) direction of the slope to where you want to stop, and use inference tips to get this precise.

Click a second time to finish the move.


Thanks both, that helped. I was able to bring the roof down to the eaves correctly.

However I think I am going about this the wrong way - see the next problem. Here we have a cross gabled roof. If I pull one roof face out, the second roof face’s edge is “buried” underneath:

See how the edge of the second roof, on the right, is no longer visible, so I can’t implement this fix. (Also note I’ve already done the fix on the right hand side for that roof.

Also notice how the chimney now has a valley cut out below it, this is because of the original push/pull.

Generally it’s quicker and easier to erase bad geometry than to fix it.

One can’t say for certain, but the first image posted suggests the walls and roof are a single mass of geometry.
Try erasing the roof, rebuild the walls to ceiling height and group them.
Then model the roof.

Here’s an example of model organization:

Roof Videos by Aidan Chopra

Complex hip roofs and the Follow Me tool

Using Intersect with Model to make roofs

Making hip roofs

Creating eaves for buildings with pitched roofs

Constructing gabled roofs

Building flat roofs with parapets

I worked out a different way of approaching this.

What I did was actually model it as I intend to build it - I added trusses to the roof, then a flat plane above that for the new roof covering.

SketchUp is pretty easy to use and I find it useful to approach it as you would practically build whatever you are trying to model.

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