Move function not always moving up just side to side

I’m having trouble with the move function, and oh btw, I’m new to Sketchup, I’m trying to use it to move a line to form a peak roof. It works off and on. When it doesn;t work it just moves the line in the same plane and will not move it up.

Could you upload an example file showing what you’re trying to do. Usually when this sort of thing happens, moving the line in the desired direction requires the addition of new edges because the edge being moved won’t remain planar with the other edges bounding a face. You can hold Alt (Command on the Mac) to invoke autofold and the new edges will be created however that might not be the desired action.

I’ve attached the file - just trying to move the mid point line of the larger rectangle to meet the top of the line on the adjoining box. It won’t move up just side to side, although I did get it to work once but can’t do it on a consistent basis. I’m wondering if the software didn’t download correctly.

Ex of Move not working1.skp (166.1 KB)

That’s because the edges, shown selected in the screen shot are two different lengths.

You can’t pull the ridge line up while maintaining planarity of the edges. It’s what I described before. Invoke Autofold and you can move the ridge line up but I’m sure it’s not what you want.

A better way to do this would be to draw the large part of the building separate from the smaller part and then join them together.

Ah ok, I’ll try drawing seperate and join them - Thanks very much!

You’re quite welcome. At this point the easiest thing would be to delete all of the larger building except the end away from the smaller one, extrude that face not quite to the small building and then draw the ridge line. Move it up as needed and then pull the end the rest of the way to the small building.

How do you move objects independently of each other?

What do you mean? Select what you want to move and use the Move tool to move it.

Ah yeah - it’s coming together, still learning the functions. Thanks Again!