New user trying to draw U shaped house roof


hi, i am a very new member of this community. also I am very new to Sketchup, I am learning from 0.
after I watched the start up videos part 2, I tried to draw a picture of my own, but it does not work.
on your video, she has drawn a L shaped house, with selected roof lines, she use move tool to pull up the roof, I tried to draw a U shaped house, with selected roof lines, the move tool does not work. can you please tell me why is that and how to draw a U shaped house roof. with many thanks.


Draw an inverted U cross section - located at the start [vertical face].
Select the path you want it to follow [hold Ctrl to add extra edges to the path].
Activate FollowMe and click on the U-shaped profile.
It should extrude along the path.
It its back-faces [blue] show in the extrusion’s surface, then select them and use Reverse in the context-menu…


It is best to post the skp file you are having trouble with as part of your inquiry. This allows the reader community to see what you see when the problem is encountered and makes it easier for others to assist you.

In order to upload your file, click on arrow icon with the bar below it, select the appropriate file and click “Upload”.


Thank you, I need time to digest what you teach me. Much much appreciated.


Thanks, I will try to learn it.


Untitled1.skp (139.7 KB)
I want to draw a U shaped house roof as the tutorial part 2 did her L shaped house. the “move” tool does not work.


Select the middle three edges (the future ridge of the roof) and start moving them. While doing so hit the [ Arrow Up] key once to force movements along the blue axis. … and move the three edges to desired height. Right after the operation you can even just type the height and hit [Enter]. Do not click in the ‘Measurements’ field before typing.

p.s. in your uploaded model you need to fix the “flat projected” ridge positions first, the right side isn’t right ;-), shows some errors.


As @Wo3Dan says you need to fix the edges where they join, you need clean geometry.

Then use the up arrow or Alt.


I understand that this is a getting started example, however the builder in me is crying out “be careful”. Could a roof like this actually be built? Of course. Would I want to build it? Not so much.
A couple thing to look for, It’s really helpful to have the hips and valleys set at a 45° angle to the walls. This means having a consistent roof slope around the corner.
Asleep yet? Have a look around the model. Note the implications for the eves.

U shaped roof .skp (81.1 KB)



thank you to everyone’s help. i am now have more confedence to carry on this learning. thank you all. by the way, i am not only new to sketchup, i am also learning english, so please forgive me if you have strange feeling after read my messages, i may not properly expressed my self. again, thank you all.