Create Uniform Thickness to a pyramid roof


Good evening all

I was wondering if there was an easy way to give a set of surfaces a regular thickness - other than pushing and trimming etc.

I am looking to create a number of roofs with a uniform thickness of 92mm like the image below (but of course with the thickness added)

Thank you in advance.


I just recently found out about Joint Push Pull from SketchUcation. It’s a free extension that adds thickness to faces. Select faces to joint push/pull, then click the blue icon with the J. Click the face, then type in the thickness.


As Forestr says. Joint push pull which is one of Fredo’s tools. This video tutorial shows all of its capabilities…and its free.


Thank you both !


OK, so I’ve watched the video and downloaded and i still cant get a uniform thickness with flat tops and bottoms. I’m ending up with an angled face at the top ??


I’ve uploaded a little bit of the model here:

Thickness.skp (50.8 KB)


Joint P/P thickens faces by pushing perpendicular to the surface, so you may need to do some cleanup at the edges.


I understand that - but you still end up with the angled faces at the top and bottom - do you not ?


Yep. When JPP offsets the faces, it “welds” the edges together. This can cause weirs, sharp angles at the edges. If you are looking for smooth, horizontal edges, you may have to move some points or use a plane with the Intersect command to get your final geometry.


when you open the fredo jpp tool you will need to click on the blue arrows (just above the green ones at the left)
This will expand the menu (that used to be present in earlier versions - per the video you saw) In here you can check the yellow “z” axis box which will constrain the push pull to that “plane” only. This should move all the geometry out wards on the x,y plane and NOT move the geometry in the direction of the sloping surfaces. select all the faces and do the move, you can type the amount in the VCB.


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