Help Adding Thickness To Part!


I was wondering how I would add a 15mm thickness to this part here?

Thanks in advance.

Adding Thickness.skp (182.2 KB)

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile and the category you chose to post in seem to conflict. If you are using SketchUp Pro, you could use Joint Push/Pull to add the thickness.

I am using Sketchup pro 2019. Joint Push/Pull doesn’t work.

Hmmm… Really? It did for me. Are you opening the components so you can get to the faces before trying to use Joint Push/Pull?

How about fixing your profile while you’re here so it doesn’t create confusion?

I tried both importing and opening the component and joint push/pull won’t work. It says that it cannot push/pull smooth or curved surfaces.

Your component opens as nested. That is a component inside a component. You have to get inside both of them. Try exploding both and see if that helps.

That doesn’t seem to work either. It still won’t let me push/pull.

Are you trying to use the native Push/Pull or Joint Push/Pull like I wrote in my first reply?

I am using native push/pull. How do I access joint push/pull?

The native Push/Pull only works on a single face. I provided the link to Joint Push/Pull in my first reply. Note the current version of LibFredo6 is also required so install that, too.

Ok, thanks. I will try that out. Hopefully it works.

I did the joint push/pull and I got this. Is there any way to fix it. I would like to 3D print this part.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, think I fixed it. All I did was undo the push/pull and push/pull it from the other side.
Is there a way to check if this will be able to 3D print properly before actually printing it?

First, you need to check your mesh - there are some face in the direction of adding the thickness - this cause some strange faces by JPP

After that you will get a nearly perfect thickness added by JPP

For 3D Printing my guess is: the mesh needs to be cleaned.

I will try that.

I marked the faces in red and orange - they cause some disortations with JPP

JPP - thickness added - you can see where the problem areas are located

Remove all red faces
Adjust the organge faces by moving of a line to the bottom edge

JPP make a plane thickness around your mesh

Main problem is your mess has to many small non planar faces and they cause holes in the mesh generated by JPP
The plugin Solidinspector2 is very usefull to find and maybe fix issues.

Hope this helps a bit.