Thick with sketchup

Hello everyone, how do I handle the thickness with SketchUp and send to print the thickness I want a model? For example look at the cube I have attached I want some parties have the thickness of 0.2 mm and 0.4 mm as others do?


Without seeing the object I would suggest: JointPushPull (Fredo6).

cubo.skp (1.1 MB) here

Here is a ‘solid’ group extruded from your original geometry - using Fredo’s excellent Joint PushPull tool.

That tool will also need his ‘Lib’ installing…

Note how I needed to reverse some faces in the non-solid single-skin original so they all look outwards.
A ‘solid’ should have no ‘blue’ backsides of any of its faces visible.

Incidentally - Please learn to use Model Info > Statistics > Purge before uploading a SKP - here 1.1Mb reduces to 55kb even with the extra geometry/group added in !

Many tools have extra functions via modifier keys.
When you select a tool, keep an eye on the Status Bar at the bottom of the SketchUp UI for tips.

Use the Push/Pull tool +Ctrl to create a second face, thus creating thickness.
Then view the model in X-Ray mode to see and erase unnecessary edges.

Simple … cubo Solid.skp (42.6 KB)

There are many wonderful plugins for SketchUp. Nonetheless…
It’s best to become proficient with SketchUp’s native tools before relying on a plugin you only think you need.