Give all faces thickness how to

want to be able to 3d print, all the moment at faces have no thickness and wont print

anyone know how to?

Joint Push Pull ?

Also install the required Lib…

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Download the RBZs and install with Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension… button.
Restart SketchUp to complete the installation.

You don’t need to give the faces a thickness. Depending on the printer, as long as you just close that hole underneath, it’ll know it’s a solid piece.

Imagine the stormtrooper is a balloon, white is the outside and blue is the inside. When a balloon is tied closed, you only see white and no blue, that is what is considered a solid model. Once it’s a ‘solid’, it’ll be printable.

There are several plug-ins to help you check if a model is considered solid.


And the cost differential of printing is what?

I rather assumed that he wanted a solid thin-shelled ‘hollow’ helmet with a hole in the bottom into which you stick your head - if so, then he needs to use JPP.
A competely solid head [with an added bottom face] is obviously possible [even with added honeycombing to optimize material usage], but that might not be what he wants to end up with…

oh, good point. Going to be expensive I think for something that big, unless small head :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried checking shapeways and thought they once stated that type of print can be 7x to 10x but could not find. So if Op is not printing first step may be smart to find out what ball park he is playing in.

Another possibility would be to create a simplified internal cavity using some sort of oblate spheroid as a core.


Select the whole helmet,
Scale tool, scale with diagonal corner and ctrl .98 (or appropriate amount for size).
Right click reverse faces.
Edit Paste in Place.
Position the two skins as appropriate and stitch the bottom edges to close the gap.

This only works if the shape is suitable for scaling in this way, if things jut out too much the skins will overlap badly.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and help people, it is for a 8 year old so its not full size. I’m teaching him about 3D printing and he asked for stormtropper helmet (he could of chosen something simpler!) I’ve checked and its within the parameters of the printer and hoping with it being hollow it wont be too expensive
I’ll have a play today

<img src=“//” width=“690” height="388>

managed to get something that looks like what I’m wanting, now to test

Now hit soften/smooth.

Will that effect the way it is printed?

No, not at all. The visual effect of smoothing or softening doesn’t actually affect the underlying geometry. Only how it looks on screen or in renders.
To smooth 3D Printing the geometry itself needs to be smooth.
What you have there looks like it will print quite smooth anyway.

Yeah hopefully it will be, btw box I used the method you suggested in the end so cheers lad
Just realised hows he gonna see :joy:

If you want to add the file I can test print is very small for you. and make Eye holes. Attach it, PM it, or 3D Warehouse and PM the link and I’ll have a go at it tomorrow. Quite late for me now.

If I have time today I will otherwise tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

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you may want a denser mesh for a wearable sized helmet…

this is the one from here << click the link…

I imported it into SU using Mesh Importer by Jim Foltz…

it’s 86MB and took about a minute to import…

Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable) by Geoffro is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - No Derivatives license.

ahhh true john! Where were you yesterday ha
Thanks I’ll take a look, I still had fun tackling it myself though

that’s why I didn’t post yesterday…
you could run TT’s new SubD extension on you mesh to up the poly count…