Help! Preparing for 3D print!

I am a BEGINNER to sketch up and I am trying to add thickness to a model that I got from the 3D warehouse so I can 3D print it. I tried using the Fredo joint push/pull plugin but it only adds thickness to the sides of the model, not the face. Please help!

Thanks in advance,

P.S. If you don’t mind could you send me the file with the thickness if you could do it. (I would like a uniform thickness of 1 cm on a 3 parts). Thanks.

Solid Head 4 (Head height is 20cm).skp (674.7 KB)

I used the Fredo6 plugin Joint Pushpull to thicken the parts of the skull by 5mm (0.5cm).

Here’s the result (SU v2019).

There are a few anomalies in the face part of the skull round the eyes, which you will have to fix manually, but overall it isn’t too bad.

Solid Head 4 (Head height is 20cm).skp (1.2 MB)

Is this more or less what you wanted?

I tried a different approach. I put the head back together again, exported STL, opened the head in MeshMixer, Edit/Make Solid, then Edit/Hollow.

Bringing an export of that modified STL into SketchUp showed some problems, it wasn’t considered a solid, but if I was to 3D print the head I wouldn’t bring it back into SketchUp.