Help! Trying to prepare for print

I was wondering if someone could show me how to split the head.
Thanks in advance.

Here’s the file:
Solid Head 2.0.skp (636.5 KB)

Link to full request:

i relied in your original post.

open the group for editing and turn on “hidden geometry” then select the parts that you want to be in a particular group, when you have those selected - group them. continue on the rest of the head making groups of the parts. Once you have that done, you will need to give the parts thickness so they can be printed- not sure if SU for schools can run extensions, but Fredo has a plugin for this - "joint push pull.

Other wise you could copy the face part of each group and shrink it a little and move back and manually fill in the edges. There’s also a plugin “solid inspector” that can verify if the resulting parts are “solid” and able to be 3D printed.head%20part

Once you have your parts you can check how they might move about certain points and then consider other parts that might need to be removed/modified so that they wont bump into each other…!


Great! Thanks a lot! That really helps!

If you still have the file could you share that with me. That would be a big help.
I’ve managed to split the head but i’m having a hard time adding thickness to the whole model and fixing the errors on the solid inspector.

The up to date version:
Solid Head 4 (Head height is 20cm).skp (674.7 KB)