Purging Dynamics components and so much more

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I am an uber newbie, and I am highly confused. As a result, I am going to begin at the end.

Why do I get this result:

I have two instances of my selected component in the model according to the Model Entity doohicky. However, the Statistics tab for the component definition (in the Component doohicky) says I have eight.

Six of these things are not like the others.

Eventually, I will get to the beginning involving purging dynamic components from my Library model.

The overall project is to replace this old shack:

with a library/office. My initial idea, from the outside, is something like this:

Anyway, I am like a lost puppy among chew toys.

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This is the total of all components in your model, not just the one you selected.

yeah, to develop,

  • you have 2 components “cathedral window”

  • inside each, you’ll find 8 copies of a sub component. or a sub-sub component.

In Sketchup, a component acts a bit like a sketchup file INSIDE another sketchup file. so if you look at the statistics in the component panel like you do, you’re in fact looking at the “inner” statistics of your component. just his personal ones.

If you want to look at the statistic of the whole project, it’s in the menu window / model info / statistics. (and don’t forget to develop to get really all the stats)

off course it depends how long ago you started, but this is not newbie level question, a newbie wouldn’t notice the statistics button, I teach newbies all the time, you’re fine. sure, you’ve still got stuff to learn, we all do, but you’re ok.

OK, that makes total sense. It turns out I had two components that made it through my explosion frenzy.

My next question: How do I figure out where a dynamic component is being used in my model and how do I purge them?

I try to purge them as follows:

  1. I put an instance of the component in the model (outside of all containers)
  2. Right-click>select>all instances and hit delete.
  3. Select the Purge option in the component menu

The component deletes and then reappears.

The stats window for a haphazardly chosen DC I am trying to purge shows this:

So how do I purge a component with zero instances?

Thanks tons for your help.



Try using the Outliner.

The Component Tray is like a folder that contains components that are in your project but not necessarily in the Model View.

Window->Model Info->Statistics shows Component Instances and Component Definitions.

Here you can see three Components and 6 Component Instances. If I delete the spheres from the Model View, they will still be in the Component Folder (so the 3 Component definitions will not change but the Component Instances will go down to 4).

Now if I Purge Unused the Component Definitions will go down to 2 and Sphere will be removed from the Components folder.

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The sound of my hand hitting my forehead has reverberated around the holler!.

Thank you!