Purge component error

Hi there
My sketchup model is very large…
So I tried to reduce the file size through purge plugin.
There are 196 components in the system.
However, no components were used in the in model list.

In this case, what should I do to reduce file size?

Sorry that was for someone else.
Check the Outliner and see what is there.

Is this what you said?
I checked and I can see only groups not components…

Very strange, have you by any chance copied Sumele 196 times. Perhaps she is in a group that you copied.

can you upload your model through wetransfer, dropbox… ?

I don’t think so…
I deleted her and purged components but still same…


Can you check it please…?

Some of those groups are not expanded. Could they contain the rogue components?

it needs an authorization on your side, I sent you a request

Can you please check my google drive file…?

shoot me!

You can check it thanks


Does anyone can check my file please…?

Are you asking others to check what you can check yourself?

I mean I checked what you said but looks still same problem
That’s why I asked to check

there’s no component in your file except sumele.

but you have 841 groups containing high poly elements, most of them repetitive. Using components instead of groups for those repetitive items would lighten your file, at least in terms of file size (which also means less time needed for autosaves if activated)

make components out of your balustrades and friezes before making copies of them.
Then (or before) you would also be able to edit one of them to simplify the geometry and lighten the file even further

Yes, it looks like she/he’s asking for help … :wink:

Ok Got it!! Thank you so much!
But still have no idea about components…
As I known, group and components are different…
I wanna know why system said 196 components when i purge it

You are using a plugin when you get that result.
Can you check what the Model Info Statistic show?

(I can not download your model, because I’m behind corporate firewall)

You said you used a plugin to purge… there’s no need for a plugin to purge models. go to window > model info > statistics. You can purge your file there and also see how many groups or components are in your files

You mean this one with ‘show nested components’?