Reduce file size (veeeery small)

I am aware that it can be purged, but the thing is that i work with very small pieces, and i am required to make those file as light as possible ( less than 100kb, preferibly around 50kb). these pieces are quite simple,i reduce the amount of surfaces on curved shapes, not puting materials, and so, any ideas?
in fact, it happens sometimes that, for example, the file is 92kb, i open it, purge it, and somehow now it is 108 kb ! How is this possible?

Do you explode groups and components?

well, it’s really tiny already… the more minimalist you go, the heavier simple things become.
lines and faces have a weight. it’s not a big weight, but still.

I just made an empty file, one basic style, nothing else, it’s already 12kb
add a cube, +4 kb, +5 if it’s not grouped

in sketchup, when it comes to geometry and weight, size does not matter, quantity does.

my (grouped) cube can be 1x1x1 or 10x10x10 it’ll still weight 4kb
now if I divide it into 8 cubes (cut each face in 2) it’s now 5kb (8 groups) or 10kb (raw geometry)

line count and face count add kb to your file, so does having raw geometry vs groups/components

yeah, you could use it as a trick.

Capture d’écran 2023-11-17 à 11.07.48
here is a simple table, all in one go, one big volume.

raw geometry, 33kb total
if I select it all and make a group, 31kb

it’s not much. but when you’re trying to shave off a few precious kb, it could do the trick
(I have apollo 13 “steal a few amps” scene in mind right now)

If you exploded your geometry before the purge, it could explain the +16kb

Could you provide one file so we can look at what you’re dealing with and possible ways of reducing weight ?
it might not be possible to go below 100kb in some files, if you have a lot of geometry, then you have a lot of geometry. but we can have a go

Have you got an example of a file where that is happening?
Inside the SKP file there are a few things that will not be down to your file, but rather the nature of how file compression works.
There are some images of your model which are stored inside your SKP file and other bits of more SketchUp Specific information such as whether a circle is a circle or a an edge is softened or smoother.

Keeping your files in a format that doesn’t keep this info would shave a few extra kb of a model - DAE for example.

Also what industry are you in? I always find it interesting when file budgets are being managed, it doesn’t happen enough.