Sketchup Many components in the list of components in the tray

There is a model VEKA_Euroline_Balcony_Block_With_Left_Window.skp from 3D Warehouse. It consists of many components. I am using this model in my project. Here is part of my list of components in the project That is, all the components of the model are listed in my list of components in the project. How can I collect them into some folder like Door, Window or even remove them from the list? So that the list of components contains only the components Door and Window

Your profile says Sketch-Up for Schools. I do not think it means the school children’s version. If the version is really an adult version used by an institution of higher education, then you need to call it the adult version (for instance "Pro 2023 (version #). That way you can be helped by forum members. Anyway, if you are wanting to use something from the 3D Warehouse, it is always recommended to open a new file to download it. Then, you have to examine it closely and make changes or deletions, making components that you want to use in your model solid. After you save those changes, then you can copy them and paste them into your model.

You’ve cropped off part of the Components panel but presumably it is showing the In Model components. If that’s the case, there’s not an option to combine those into folders. That’s just showing you what components you’ve used in the model. It does not have anything to do with the way your model is organized, though. You can give the objects in the model space tags which can be collected into tag folders so you can control their quickly visibility. You might have a tag folder called “Doors and Windows” and inside it, tags called “exterior doors”, “interior doors”, “windows”, etc. Then assign those tags to the objects.

If you are creating local collections of components, those CAN be sorted into folders on your computer. For example I have a number of folders for components that I use. Some of these folders contain subfolders.

Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

You are correct, Sketchup 2023. An error occurred. I couldn’t find an option to fix it in my account. How to do it?

I have already made such changes. I did it using Explode for each component in the model. There are probably more than 100 of them. How to simplify it?

Could you tell me how to do this?

No, I’m trying to reduce the number of components in the list of components in the tray. The goal is to make this list more visual and make it easier to find the necessary components in it

Click on the K in the pink circle at the top right of the forum page. Click on the person icon, then Preferences, then Profile. edit the fields so they are correct, scroll to the bottom of the page, and save.

Exploding the components probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do as far as model management is concerned but since you seem to be more concerned with reducing the number of components shown in the In Model list, now go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused. That will remove all unused components and materials from the In Model collections.

If you need more detail than I gave you go to and go through the SketchUp tutorials. There are sections regarding the use of tags.

Purging unused components as I already described might reduce the number of components in the In Model components. You could also change the display of them to just thumbnails or to a list view. Click on the button to the left of the house icon.

As I already wrote, you cannot make folders for the In Model components, though.

If you click on the blue details button, do you see the ‘expand’’ option checked?
Unchecking should only show the toplevel of inserted components.

Sorry, I had to step out. It looks like @DaveR and @MikeWayzovski have answered your questions, though. They know best.

Thank you. I’ve done everything

I did this, but it solves the problem since the components are used. The task is to make only one out of the many components (parts) that make up the Door and call it the Door

OK, I’ll definitely take a look

Like I said, it’s not the same

If possible, in more detail, please. What blue details button are we talking about?

If you only want one Door component in your In Model components, choose the door and replace all of the others in the model space with that one. Then purge unused from the file again. There will be an entry for every different component definition in the model. There is no way around that. In your screenshot all of those windows have different definitions. You cannot combine them into one thumbnail.

The Details button is the one with the arrow to the right of of the drop down list/search field.

I apologize for not understanding you right away. Of course I know this and use it. But that’s not what I need

This one:


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I do not know how to do it. I can not. Even if I make a Door component it still contains all the constituent components. I’m probably not explaining it well. I’m posting the project. Maybe this will help get to the bottom of the problem
ORU-3.skp (2.0 MB)
There are currently 246 components. How to make only 1 (balcony block) or 2 (window and door)?

Since your model is made up of a bunch of dynamic components, you first have to explode all of them within the top level component to be able to purge them from the model. You will then lose the “dynamic-ness”, though. Here you go.

ORU-3.skp (588.2 KB)

Yes, this is exactly what you need. Thank you. But how did you do it? Tell me, please.
I also got the same result. But it was very long and difficult. I manually separated all the original components. Maybe you found and applied an easier way?

I used Outliner to select and explode the components inside the top level one. It wasn’t terribly long and certainly not difficult to do. There might be an extension that could a little faster. I didn’t bother to investigate because I was curious about how many levels of nesting I’d have to get through. Cleaning up the remaining junk in the component takes longer than exploding the components. It could still use more cleaup than I did to reduce it.

Who made the DC in the first place? It seems to me it’s incredibly overly detailed for use in a building model. It looks like it would be good if you are planning to build the window and door from scratch. Frankly, if I needed something like that in a building model, I would have modeled a much simpler version from scratch and not bother with that DC at all.

Yes, indeed, using Outliner greatly simplifies the process.
Thank you all so much for your help. Issue resolved