Where is my list of components?


I am new to using components. My current project was built with several components. While building them I saw the list of all the components I built in the default tray. I reopened my project this morning and the my list of components is not present but I see a list of library components that are not of interest to me. How do I remove the library components and get the components of my project?


I just answered my own question. I returned to my project after posing my question and studied the default tray contents again. I clicked on the house and there were my components. Curiously there were other components listed that I did not put there knowingly and I deleted them.


Components will be retained in the In Model components library even if they aren’t being used in the model space. There are some handy benefits to this but it means that if you import a component and decide you don’t want it, deleting it from the model space isn’t enough to get rid of it entirely. You also need to purge the unused components from the In Model library.


I would rather say that there is an “In Model” components collection, … not a library.


Ok. Collection.


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