What Happened to My Components?


I’m drawing a construction model. In doing so, I try to draw component parts that are fairly straightforward, make them components, join them or place them in my main drawing. I recently drew some large doorway headers and a long wall segment, made them components then saved the components. Now I cannot find them.

Where did they go? IOW, how do I access them to use in my main drawing?


How did you saved them ? Where? Have you checked the in model components ?


I triple clicked the component to select it then right clicked and chose Make Component, then named it and clicked on the Create button. I saw nothing to indicate where they went.




They are in the WIndows tab under Outliner. I think this is different in this version because I have used SU off and on for several years and never had trouble finding components I made.

Perhaps someone familiar with release changes can confirm or refute my conjecture.


There’s been no change in the way component creation works since before SU3. If they show up in the Outliner, they must be someplace within the model space. You should also be able to find the components in the In Model Components library.

Although you can save components out of the current SketchUp file (right click and choose Save as… is one way) they are normally saved as part of the Sketchup file in which they are made.


I probably remember it incorrectly (at my age that happens more than I like to admit) but I recall that components were put into a library or collection that was global and not restricted to the drawing they were created in. I would prefer to have them in such a library or collection rather than in the file in which they are drawn… Is that possible? If so, how?


They can be put into a library that is “global” and not restricted to the current model but that has never been done automatically.

You can put them into a library as I described above or you can use Open or Create a Local Collection from the details menu in the Components window. I did a tutorial on how to do that. Hang on a moment while I hunt up the link.


How do I do that?

I hate to keep asking such elementary questions and wasting everyone’s time and testing their patience.

Can you - or anyone - suggest where I can find the basics tutorials? I don’t mind spending the time to do them, I just can’t seem to find them. The tutorials I’ve found seem to be for advanced topics or extensions to basic topics instead of just the bare essentials. I subscribed to the basic version of sketchUcation but haven’t found the basics there either.


As I said, hang on a moment.

Take a look at the video at this link.