Component List - I forget

I forgot how I did this in the past.
I remember looking at a long list of all the components in my model. I selected a component and a window opened up that I could rename a component description and label. I could scroll down the list, select a component and alter its name. It also listed all the components that were no longer used. It seems like it was a native tool and not an extension. I can’t remember how I got to it. Does that make any sense?

That would be the Outliner or components tray.
In SketchUp, go to window, manage trays and make sure Outliner and/or components is selected in the tray of your choiche…

It’s actually window/Default tray.

Thanks. It wasn’t just Outliner though. I opened up something and it was a separate window with everything in my model listed. When I clicked on the component a window popped up to the right of it that had a two boxes. I was using it to rename existing items and locate them in the model I think.

@francisquitof , it depends, I renamed or made my own tray and don’t have a default tray anymore.
You can also have multiple trays for various purposes, so you need to adjust the ones you want…

It’s the components tray. There you can see the components you have on your model or even the ones you’ve deleted if you haven’t purged your file, when you click on edit the component window will appear.

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Thanks. I got it now. Very simple.

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