Statistics of components

I am using SU Make 2016, 32 bits.
I have one doubt about components. I have 0 components, i haven´t even Lisanne and purge unused, and i draw a figure(i do component), and in Window-Information model appear this: 24 edge, 11 faces, 1 copies of the component, 1 component definitions.
When i do one copy, the numbers change in information model:
48 edge, 22 faces, 2 copies of the component, 1 component definitions…
I think it should be 24, 11, 2, 1 respectively, no?

How about sharing your SKP file with us.

You are rightDoubt.skp (28.4 KB)

That’s a reasonable expectation, since components are supposed to avoid redundant geometry, but I confirm that it isn’t what SketchUp is reporting. It counts the contents of each ComponentInstance as if they are unique. This happens only if “show nested components” (Montrar componentes anidados) is checked, but when it isn’t checked the geometry in the instances isn’t counted at all!

But, at least should count one component, no?

But it does. There is 1 Component Definition and 2 Component Instances.

So, can´t i know how many edges and surfaces have my drawing if it only have components?

You can use Fredos ElementStats to get more advanced infos…

Okay, i will see this.
But, before, in SU15, it was possible to do this, no?
I mean, without plugin or something like that

No, at least on my Mac 2015’s statistics are exactly the same as 2016.

I just saw some videos that i saw the last summer to learn a little sketchup, and i have found the video that i was searching.

At least in SU 2014 had, and it was useful… :frowning:

The edges listed in those screenshots are “loose” ones not in any component or group. SketchUp will report loose edges and faces the same in 2016 as in previous versions. But for edges and faces that are inside components or groups you get the issues we’ve been discussing, even in 2014.

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Aaah, Ok. I had the wrong idea