Profile Builder 2 won't load in 2019


I have installed SketchUp 2019 and reloaded my extensions. Profile Builder 2, for which I paid, loads as a trial copy only. Anyone know how to correct that?


Did you install the license for PB2?


It turns out that it was PB 3 that I was looking for. I retrieved and loaded it from the download folder using Extension Manager.

Tx for responding.


Make sure have the latest release of PB3 downloaded and installed.


You need to be logged in with the account you had at the moment of purchase.
This can be another account than the one your license is attached.

Merging accounts:

Can I merge multiple accounts?


Dale Martens recently send An email with instructions how to enable pb2 in 19. Better contact them to resolve this issue.
Edit: in case someone needs a fix for pb2